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Friday, July 24, 2009

Morning in the BB House

At 10:08am BBT, the HG's were woken up by BB. Lydia & Jessie (in the HOH room) got a little friendly this morning courtesy of one of Lydia's hands (you get the picture. :P )

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10:39am BBT:
All HG's are up, eating breakfast, and getting ready for the day.

10:44am BBT:
HOH Room

Game talk starts immediately after she enters the room & they say their hello's.

Jessie: " just wanna put Ronnie out the door?
Chima: "Ya!"

Natalie now joins them.

Now they're talking about other options, besides backdooring Ronnie.

Jessie: "Ya he lied and whatever, but he did stay true to our side of the house."

They were able to change her mind in about 3 minutes flat.
Now they're gunning for Casey.

11:03am BBT:
Talk continues...
Chima: "Ya, it's much better for me if Casey were to leave, than Ronnie."
Jessie: "Okay, that's the plan. (to get Casey out.)"

Sidenote: HG's are on inside lockdown while BB builds the Have/Have Not Food Comp outside in the backyard.

11:19am BBT:
Workout Room
Jordan/Jeff/Lydia/Russell (Casey popped in for a minute then left)

They're all talking about Ronnie. Lydia said that she wants to see what Jessie's "body language" is like after he comes out of the HOH... they all go up to sit outside the HOH door. Jeff thought it was stupid and didn't wanna go, but eventually said whatever and went.

Michele is now in the HOH room getting brainwashed. lol :P She's doing the whole "I am very greatful for being saved this week" speech and nodding her head at every word that comes out of Jessie's mouth.

Everybody is still sitting outside the HOH door.

Lydia is telling Jordan to ask Jessie if he's "sticking with the plan" (to evict Ronnie) when they go in the HOH room next...but then Jessie calls in Kevin to brainwash next. lol

11:33am BBT:
HOH Room

Jessie asked Kevin what would benefit him if Ronnie left. Kevin said that Ronnie will plant seeds of doubt in everyone and he doesn't want that to happen.

Kevin: "If you keep Ronnie here, as HOH, you're gonna have an already BIGGER target on your back! Be careful to not go back on your word. You're gonna be slapping alot of people in the face."

Jessie is now trying to make Kevin change his mind. (Jessie wants Casey out. Chima & Michele already said okay to that plan.)

Kevin is on board, but not thrilled about it (it seems).
Kevin: "This is gonna be a big power move."

Kevin leaves.
Next up, Jordan.

11:50am BBT:
Jordan told Jessie she does NOT want Ronnie in the house anymore, and that he's "a snake". Jordan is sticking to her guns on this one and saying she wants him out.

Jordan is telling Jessie/Natalie that Ronnie PROMISED Jordan/Jeff/Laura personally that he wouldn't put them up, and he put all 3 of them up. And just because he hasn't lied to them, doesn't mean that he won't do the same exact thing to them at one point.

Jordan: "You CAN'T trust what he says!"
Jordan leaves.
Up next, Ronnie.

11:56am BBT:
Ronnie enters HOH room.

Ronnie throwing Jordan under the bus.
Ronnie: "Jordan wanted to put you guys up!"

Jessie: "Where is your loyalty in the game?"
Ronnie points to Jessie & Natalie, and adds Chima to the list.
Ronnie: "You guys!"

Natalie: "If Casey stays, we're all f**ked."
Jessie called to Diary Room. Everyone leaves HOH.

Stay tuned...

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