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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Morning in the BB House

As I said in the Overnight Report (below), today is LIVE EVICTION day!! And don't forget that we'll also get a new HOH tonight! Who are you hoping will win HOH tonight? Let me know in the comment section! :-D

At 7:40am BBT, Russell was up & roaming the house. He went to the bathroom, tweezed his eyebrows & hair off of his ears. He then used a trimmer to trim up his facial hair, and went back to bed after he was done.

Currently on the live feeds...

9:30am BBT:
All HG's still sleeping.

9:33am BBT:
We get fishies on the feeds. (BB is waking the HG's up)

9:54am BBT:
All HG's are awake, roaming the house, and doing their morning routines of showers & eating.

10:10am BBT:
Laura/Jeff/Jordan (Casey is eating at the dinning table)

Laura is looking a little depressed.

She said last night that she's homesick and ready to go, and also that she's so happy she got to be in the house this season.

Jeff (to Laura): "It's always easier when it's done (and you know you're going home). Everything is over, ya know?"
Laura: "Mm hmm."

10:48am BBT:
HOH Lockdown

Everyone is making fun of Ronnie (Russell is going overboard on it, though. Almost like he's trying too hard to cover up his alliance with Ronnie). They're calling him "Rattle" and saying things like "It smells like dorks in here!" and "I think there's fleas in here...will this room be fumigated [for the next HOH]?". Ronnie is listening to his CD, so nobody is sure if he can hear them or not.

(Not sure which male HG said it, but someone said "DORK! Did ya hear that Ronnie?")

11:37am BBT:
Fishies on the feeds....then back to the HOH lockdown w/ random conversations...then back to fishies...rinse & repeat. lol :P

12:27pm BBT:
HOH lockdown is over.

The HG's are cleaning. I'm gonna take off until 7pm EST (1 hour before BB starts). I'll make a new post when I come back! :-D

Stay tuned...

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