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Monday, July 13, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House (Huge Blowup..again!)

I could watch the feeds for 12 hours and nothing happens. I take a break and all hell breaks loose! lol

Okay...let me get the details for ya...

(If you have the live feeds, use the Flashback feature to see all of this! Select hour "12pm" and fast forward to around 12:40pm.)

Jeff & Braden are both pissed at Lydia because they were the ones who comforted her when she was nom'ed and they told her they were going to give her votes to stay. Then as soon as Russell won the Veto, she totally flipped to the other side (to get off the block)...leaving her 'group' abandoned.

12:53pm BBT:
Braden confronted Lydia. He blames her for being on the block and for most likely going home.

Braden told Lydia, who sitting down in the shade outside, to go get some more tattoos & to get one on her ass. Kevin chimed in.

Kevin: "It was actually my idea to put you up."
Braden: "That's fine, you can go get one on your cock...why don't you stick a banana up your ass!"

Kevin stands up and tells Braden he is full of "f**king shit".
Braden: "What do you know, your a mexican from San're a f**king beaner!" (racial slur)
Lydia: (now really pissed, stands up): "WHAT? Do NOT ever disrespect a certain culture that way!"

Kevin makes it clear that he's not even Mexican (I believe he's a mix of black & Asian.)

Jeff tried to cool everyone down.

1:02pm BBT:
Spa Room
Jordan & Lydia now fight.

They both say that each other are guilty of not talking to each other. This continues. Lydia walks away saying "..f**king white goddamn gringo!"

1:18pm BBT:
Lydia thought that Jeff knew that she was going on the block and yells at him for not telling her. He told her "I swear on my mother I didn't know!" Then Jeff tells her that she sold everyone out to save herself.

1:40pm BBT:
Braden tried to appologzie to Kevin for the 'beaner' comment, but Lydia & Kevin just walk away.

Jordan & Lydia fight again.
Jordan: "I should not be thrown in the middle just because I talk to Jeff! I did not do one f**king thing to you!"

Kevin keeps the waters calm between the 2 girls for the most part.

Kevin then tells Jordan to not hang out w/ Braden, and if she does then that means she condones the racist stuff.

1:50pm BBT:
Jordan ends up in the backyard hammock, crying.

Russel went laid in the hammock with to comfort her.

2:56pm BBT:
Jordan is recaping her thoughts & the fight to Michele poolside.

3:03pm BBT:
Lydia & Russel are catching some rays.

They keep making flirty/perverted comments to each other. Do they wanna have sex? I'm guessing ohhh ya! lol

Stay tuned...

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