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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Late Evening in the BB House

Well, it looks like Ronnie is one step closer to exposing himself as a rat!

8:47pm BBT:

Casey came outside from the house and said something to Laura (his mic didn't pick up on it) and all of a sudden, Ronnie started his "You're the rat!" accusations. Ronnie is such a bad liar that he actually outed himself by his actions. lol

Ronnie: "The person who points the fingers, is usually the one who did it!"

Casey: "You think I did it? Let me see here, Ron..people in the house think I'm a racist (re: Chima's speech), I lost friends, I made enemies, and I sided with the wrong side of the house, and I even told Chima I voted her to get evicted...and I'm the rat? What the f'k would I gain from that???"

Ronnie acts pissed off (horrible acting, by the way) and goes into the house, slamming the glass door behind him. Casey laughed. ( did I. lol)

Laura: "He did it. He so did it."
Jordan: "Oh, ya!!"

9:11pm BBT:
There was just a big fight between Laura and Natalie.

The argument grew more & more intense...Kevin & Jordan join in. The bottom line was that Natalie was saying Laura lied to them and went against them, and that the "rat" is someone on "their side". Laura said whoever the rat is doing exactly what they want..causing fights amongst each other. Natalie said that the rat is "very obvious" but she wouldn't say who she thinks it is.

The Jessie/Russell side are calling the other side (Jordan/Jeff, etc) "racists" for voting for Braden to stay (who called Kevin a racial slur a few days ago).

9:31pm BBT:
Jordan: (looking at a house camera) "America! Jessie is the biggest DOUCHEBAG EVER!!! He looks at himself 24 hours a day. He is the f** of America!"

Michele: "Hey, I don't like that word..okay?" (she gets up and starts to leave. "I'm bi(sexual). I'm not hating on you, I'm just saying...I don't like that word."

Jordan: "Oh...sorry." (she looks sincerely sorry, like she didn't know what she was saying.)

9:44pm BBT:
Alright ya'll, I'm outta here. I'm gonna watch Big Brother After fingers are gonna fall off from typing so much today. lol :P I'll be back in the morning with a (probably long) Overnight Report! See ya then! :-D

Stay tuned...

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