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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House

Good Afternoon, BB fans!!! I didn't have time today to do a morning post, but fear missed absolutely nothing. lol And by nothing, I mean not-a-damn-thing. So that's good.

Moving on to the afternoon report...
Jeff told Braden (who has been campaigning) that Russell is a 'lost cause' to give up on him. Also, Natalie hurt her shoulder the other day and it's not really getting any better. I almost wonder if she'll get pulled from show if it's that bad. In other news, Jessie got his HOH camera today and took pics with houseguests.

Currently on the live feeds...
2:51pm BBT:
Kevin/Chima/Russell/Natalie/Ronnie are at the kitchen table, chit-chatting.

Braden is still in campaign mode.

He apologized to Kevin (for the racial slur), Kevin says he accepts his apology & thanks him. It still looks bad for Braden, but with all his charm (and the help of Jordan & Jeff), I wouldn't be totally shocked if he was able to pull it off & stay!

Braden just now joined the others at the table, trying to be more social than usual.

Laura & Ronnie talked breifly in the red room.

Ronnie said that Russell would flip out if Braden stayed. Laura said imagine how he'd act if he [Russell] was on the block. Ronnie said he's actually scared of that.
Laura says she's not.

Jeff & Jordan enter, lay down/talk.

Talk of who Lydia might put up if she got HOH.

"I guarantee it though, Ronnie. If Russ gets it, he is putting you up!"

Jordan tells Jeff that he has to talk to Ronnie.

Laura/Ronnie continute their talk.
Laura: "I'm not afraid to make a bold move!"
Ronnie: "Next week, there can't be a tie."
Laura: "I'm not going to use a pawn, I'm fine with who ever I put up going home."

Jordan tells Ronnie that Jeff wants to talk to him later. (They're trying to get Ronnie to leave Russell's side and to join their side.)

3:29pm BBT:
All feeds are on HG's in the kitchen area. (Russell/Casey/Kevin/Natalie/Chima)

3:41pm BBT:
Mindless chit chatter continues.

3:48pm BBT:
Blahhh...nothing is really going on. Gonna take this time to go make some dinner. I'll be back! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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