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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Overnight Report

Goooood morning, BB fans!! Happy Wednesday! :-D Tomorrow we will see our very first LIVE eviction of the season and I can't wait! I swear it feels like the HG's have been in the house for a month now with all the drama, backstabbing, lying, numerous alliances, new alliances forming daily, and yes..even some romance! All of that in the 1st week? Boy oh boy, do we have a good season guaranteed for us this season! :-D

I'm up super early today (thanks to our dog trying wrestle our cat, our cat 'crying' for help, and my hubby on the couch with the volume on the tv loud..all of this at 4am.) Soooo, with that being said, ya'll will be getting the Overnight Report very early today! lol ;-)

Alright, let me go make some much needed coffee, rub the sleepies out of my eyes, and I'll get right to the O.R.!

Just want to point out 2 things real quick:
Braden did campaign last night. He went to Ronnie & Michelle (don't think it worked) and he also tried Russell again but they never really talked. In other news, Laura told Casey she hopes to get HOH so she can make some big moves in the game. Okay, now let's get to the full report!

9:25pm BBT
The HG's started drinking thanks to BB giving them a nice amount of beer & wine. Jeff & Jordan looked nice & cozy together...

9:56pm BBT:
In the storage room, Ronnie told Jordan that he was the Championship Persuasive Debater and that he can manipulate anyone into what he wants. (I think the both of them were drunk so I wonder if Jordan will even remember or care in the morning. lol)

10:24pm BBT
The topic of kissing came up. They all took a poll to see if anyone has kissed someone in the house, nobody raised their hand. (Even though Lydia & Jessie 'fooled around', she told Kevin they never kissed. Mm hmm.) Anyways, so a few minutes pass by and the guys all were chanting (for the girls) to "KISS! KISS! KISS! KISS!" So, it was Lydia, Laura, Michelle, and Jordan.

Jessie: "If it's not good, we're gonna boo you [girls]!"

Apparently it wasn't good enough, because the guys boo'ed them. lol :P

10:35pm BBT
Feeling a nice buzz (possibly even drunk at this point), Jordan and Lydia have a nice moment of hugging...

Lydia: "Buddy, buddy, buddy..."
Then she grabs Jordans boobs because Jordan made a comment that she didn't like the way they were feeling.

..then Michele joined in for a nice squeeze. :P

10:54pm BBT:
The HG's played a game called "Heads Up, 7 Up!" per Jessie's suggestion. (You might recall this game from the 2nd grade. lol)

1:16pm BBT:
Michele got a little pissed at a "joke" that Chima & Natalie had said, which was that they would burn the persons clothes of whoever backstabbed or nominated them. Michele took offense to this and got up and walked away saying they are psycho.

Michelle then tells Jessie and Casey and Russell, and Jessie tried to explain to her it was a joke. Natalie and Chima cant believe Michelle took it so serious.

Natalie later on said somebody who can't take a joke "doesn't belong here".

1:44 AM BBT
Laura, Jordan, & Jeff

They were first talking about how now Natalie's target is not Jordan anymore and that it is Michele now. But they think that Laura and Jordan would go up against Michele.

They keep talking about how they have to win HOH.

Then Laura told them how Jessie tried to recruit her before nominations. (we saw this on last nights episode..where Laura said she kinda had to say 'yes' to Jessie because his team is controlling the house and she didn't want to be a target by saying no.)

Kitchen Area

Chima & Michele got into a verbal fight over the toilet always being dirty and literally has "shit" on it. Chima said she's the one who always cleans it, Michele said that everyone should take turns to clean it and not just one rotate people. Michele goes into the backyard to pick up dishes, and that's when Chima raised her voice (while still eating her popcorn as fast as she could possibly could) and screaming that it's probably Michele that is leaving the toilet 'like that'. Natalie has a good laugh at Michele's expense.

3:39am BBT:
Ronnie & Chima told Jessie & Natalie that Russell has been making secret deals and that Russell is making final 2 deals with every girl in the house (including Michele/Jordan/Lydia). Naturally, this made Jesse & Natalie really nervous.

Ronnie also tried more misdirection to cover up how Braden must have figured out he was going to be put up. (..we all know it was because of Ronnie, though.)

...and that's it for the Overnight Report!! :-D Alot of fun, some game play, and a little tiny 'fight'. Ohhhh how good it is to have you back on the air, Big Brother! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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