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Monday, July 13, 2009

Overnight Report

Goooood morning, BB fans! :-D It's least favorite day of the week because Monday's tend to go sooo slow, don't they? :-P

Okay, so earlier last night, Lydia hinted that the Diary Room people asked her who in the house she "liked". Her response was Jessie. Anyways, last night around Midnight BBT last night, Lydia & Jessie did some flirting (..I think I just threw up in my mouth). Nothing too bad, it was like really bad High School flirting (ironic that High School is this seasons theme. lol)

In other news...

12:40am BBT

Jeff changed his mind on throwing this weeks HOH comp (earlier he he said he didn't wanna help his clique out by winning HOH, so he said he'd rather throw the comp). Now he wants to win HOH so that he can put Lydia up on the block. He's pissed that she left him high & dry, and now he wants revenge.

12:45am BBT:
HOH Room
Chima & Jessie

Jessie found out that Natalie has a boyfriend (via Chima) but he didn't really care. He said that he doesn't wanna be anyones "2nd choice". But shortly after, he was kinda whining about how he wants to be with her. :P

1:24pm BBT:

HOH Room

There was some Jeff bashing between Ronnie, Natalie, and Jessie. Nothing that ya'll haven't heard before.

Last night there was alot of Ronnie talk..Jessie made fun of him for always following people around, and Casey said that Ronnie is kissing up so much to Jessie that he smells like his asshole. (Ohh what a colorful picture you paint, Casey. lol)

2:24am BBT:
Backyard Couches

Jordan & Jeff wondered how they could save Braden from eviction this week. They also said they can count on Ronnie's vote (umm..I'm not so sure about that??).

Well guys & gals, that's pretty much it! A rather uneventful evening, but there were a few pieces of dirt to dish out. Also, it's worth noting that Casey brought up the idea of possibly aligning with the athletes (he thinks Jeff & Russell will eventually patch things up). But nothing was pitched to anyone, so the two cliques haven't formed as of yet.

Now let's see what the HG's are doing this morning (I'm making a seperate post).

Stay tuned...

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