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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Overnight Report

Good morning everyone!! :D I'm in the middle of getting the overnight report wrapped up and it just be done in about 30 mins (12pm EST).

The Overnight Report is SO BIG that I'm just gonna tell you everything that went down, otherwise it would take you guys & gals an hour to read. lol

Okay, so Jordan/Jeff/Michele/Ronnie talked to Casey and got his vote (to keep Braden). This puts them at the much-needed 6 votes for Braden to stay (assuming Ronnie, who is playing both sides, doesn't back out). Casey said "under one condition", they all ask what, and Casey says that if any of them win HOH tonight, to not put up Jessie because Jessie/Casey are "cool" with each other. They all agree.

Casey tells Jessie the plans, Jessie gets so nervous that he has to go poop. lol

Ronnie was caught (by Jeff & Braden) talking to Jessie in the HOH room, and they both were dumbfounded about that (since Ronnie claims to be on their side).

Casey told Jeff that he told Jessie, but that it's "cool" and not to worry about it. He told Jessie because him & Jessie had an understanding and that he's completely committed to this as long as he's sure Ronnnie & Michele are good.

Jeff/Jordan said that Jessie will tell Natalie (about Chima getting voted out) and then Natalie will tell Chima. Casey said that will be a test of Jessie's loyalty.

Casey/Jordan/Jeff/Laura were talking and Casey said that Russell has is like Brian from BB10..having a ton of alliances in the first week & he's gonna get evicted because of it. They look at Russell as this weeks target (if they win HOH).

With the new info from Casey, Jessie tried to convince Ronnie that it'd be in his best interest if Braden were to leave. Ronnie told Jessie that if he won HOH, he would put up Laura & Kevin..with Kevin as his target. Jessie said that sounds good to him.

Jeff & Jordan flirted a little bit more last night. They're starting to become inseparable (especially during the evenings).

Laura & Natalie talk.

Laura: "I'm voting for braden (to stay) cuz hes on my team and i'm tryin to show everyone that i'm trustworthy, if i give you my word I'm not gonna stab you in the back, hes going home anyways its not gonna fking matter."

Laura walks to the backyard saying Jesse told her Natalie their plan.
Casey: "I think nobody in the house should be mad for voting for their teammates.
Laura: "I'm goin to tell Jessie I'm tired of this is bullshit."

Big, long convo between Jessie/Laura/Natalie...and eventually Chima. Laura calls Jessie out for having a ton of deals w/ people in the house. They tell Laura that they thought she was on their side but she's voting for Chima to stay, Laura said that she gave her word & she's doing it & that it won't matter because the vote is gonna be a 5-5 tie, with Jessie (being the HOH) breaking the tie..which would mean that Chima stays.

Feeling defeated, Jessie & Natalie decided to talk to Jeff and get him to join 'their' side. They talk to him in the HOH room, with Chima present. Natalie/Jessie threaten Jeff that if he doesn't vote to keep Chima and/or join 'their team', then he'll be a target.

Jeff: "I'm gonna let the chips fall where they may, if u guys were so tight why did u put chima up and now want her off?"

Chima: "I wanna know that too!" (kinda joking)

Natalie says she'll make up lies next week to get Laura out. She and Jess strategizing. Says she will tell Laura to pack her bags if she gets HOH.

This concludes the Overnight Report!
Phewwww!! That was a doozy! :-P
Okay, time for the morning report! :-D

Stay tuned...

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