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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

BB Episode Review

Okay BB fans, here we gooooooooooo!! :-D

6:02pm BBT:
Show starts...

Showing the nom ceremony.

Chima: "OKay, so the brains & the athletes have joined as an alliance and I'm the pawn."

Jeff: "I was surprised! I didn't even know who was going up. So, it was a shock to me."

Russell: "I think everyone in the house was shocked!"

Showing Lydia crying over being nom'ed. Jordan comforts her. Lydia (in a diary room session) says that she thinks it's because the way she looks that she was nom'ed. Jeff comforts her as well. Chima was listening at the door (of the pool room) when all of this was going on, and she heard Jeff say "you have nothing to worry about."

Chima then goes & tells Ronnie & Michelle in the steel room...

Chima: "That means they're all pulling for her."
Chima said she trusts her alliance, but will still fight for the POV so she can take herself off the block.

Jessie & Russell talk..

Jessie (to Russell in the HOH room: "We lost Jeff (in our alliance)."

Jessie tells Russell to go get Laura. He does. Jessie/Russell/Laura are in the HOH room. Jessie offers to basically take Jeff's place. She says okay.

In a diary room session, Laura said that the athletes are "running this house" so she kinda had to jump aboard, otherwise they'd get rid of her.

Russell, in a diary room session, said (with a very cocky attitude) that "they" are running things and if anyone is in their way, they will "get run over."


Showing a rather funny montage of Braden & his corky ways. (Never really thought he was really that corky until all of these clips. lol)

Russell said that Braden is charming & "well liked" and a "really good guy", and he could "fly under the radar and win this game".

Time to pick players for the veto comp!

Jessie picked Russell.
Chima picked HG choice...she picks Natalie.

Michele said that Chima's choice was "nuts".

Lydia picked Jeff.

As host, Jessie picked Casey.

Time to play the POV Comp!

It's a huge face on the ground with "zits" all over it & they have to pop the zits in 10 mins & get letter tiles in them to spell the longest word. (Eww! lol) It's called "POP! Goes the Veto". (hahaha cute name, BB!!)

Russell (in the diary room) "The worst case scenario would be if Jeff or Lydia won the POV."

Russell just took as much letters as possible then spell out a word.
Jeff admits he is a HORRIBLE speller.

Jessie spelled "continuously"...but he spelled it wrong. lol
Natalie spelled "Last".
Chima tried to spell "superficiality" but was missing letters.
Russell spelled "shotgun".
Jeff spelled "Tectronics".
Lydia tried to spell "Civilization" but was missing letters.

Russell wins the POV.

Lydia: "I will still do whatever it takes to get off the block!"


Russell said that either Jeff is stupid, or he threw the comp.

They're now showing Jordan & Jeff flirting.

Russell: "Jeff is spending alot of time with Jordan, which means he's on 'their' team, and that means he's no use to me at all."

Now showing the HUGE blow-out between Jeff & Russell.

Russell (diary room): "I don't trust Jeff anymore, and the house to not trust him as well. My plan is to embarrass Jeff, attack his integrity, and have him bury himself in his own grave."

Russell started saying "Technotronics" and making fun of him.

Russell (to Jeff): "You can't win a physical challenge, and you can't win a mental challenge, so what are you here for? To slide your way through? You're not good at anything!"

***Side Note: I just now noticed that they haven't really showed Natalie/Jessie together like they always are. Hmm.

Now they're showing Natalie/Jeff fighting.


Now showing flirting & massaging w/ Russell to try to get off the block.

Lydia/Natalie/Jessie talking in the HOH. Lydia told Natalie "I know you wanted me up." Natalie admits it. Lydia told Natalie that she won't even look at her, let alone talk with her.

Lydia brings up Braden's name for eviction. Jessie said 'they'll figure stuff out' on their end (as far as putting Braden up for eviction if Russell were to use the POV).

Jessie pitched the idea of making Braden a re-nom. Russell said "Do you think we could make a deal with Lydia" in exchange for taking her off the block. Jessie says yes.

Natalie chimes in and says that Braden is charming as hell and will get votes to stay.

"I think Braden's ass needs to go home."-Natalie

Russell pitches the idea to Ronnie, Ronnie says he's on board.
Ronnie, in a diary room session, says that Russell is a loose cannon.
Ronnie also said that he needs people in the house to know he's a huge asset to them so when the power in the house shifts, he'll be viewed as someone they wanna keep around.

Ronnie goes and tells Jeff & Jordan....

"Russ told me that they're gonna take Lydia down and put Braden up."

Jeff: "We have to tell Braden that!!"

Jeff & Ronnie tell Braden Jessie's plan to make him the re-nom.

Russell, in the diary room, said he saw Ronnie talking to Braden and then he noticed the total change in Braden's behavior.

Russell confronts Ronnie. Ronnie said he didn't tell him. Russell's look on his face says he doesn't believe Ronnie, though.

Russell tells Jessie that Braden knows..and he thinks/knows it's Ronnie.


Time for the Veto Meeting!!

Braden: "If I get nominated, I'm gonna just have to take it like a man."

Russell uses the POV to save Lydia.
Braden is the re-nom.

"Who will be evicted? And who will become the new Head of Household? Find out LIVE, Thursday at 8pm EST!"-BB


Stay tuned...

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