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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Evening in the BB House

WOW! WOW! WOW!!! Okay, so I'm totally not diggin' Ronnie being HOH, but who knows..maybe he'll surprise me and get rid of Chima or Russell (okay, I know it's a long shot..but I can dream. lol :P )

As I mentioned in the post below, and as you probably saw on tv, Dan (winner of BB10) is "coming back to surprise the houseguests!" Hmm!! I wonder when and how!! Probably hosting the veto comp or something like that, I would imagine.

The live feeds are buzzing!!

EDIT: Thanks to a blog fan, I was just informed that immediately after the show, Chima/Michele had a big blowout! I'll get details & post them right here!! DETAILS: Okay, I'm not sure how it got started, but Chima/Natalie were ganging up on Michele and something about Casey's name "never being brought up" was a ton of screeching & screaming. Hard to make out what they were all saying individually. lol But Chima called Michele "a lying bitch". Michele called Chima a "liar, manipulator, and she's been lying to the whole house."

6:24pm BBT:
Ronnie told Casey he didn't know who didn't vote for Braden (it was him.)

6:38pm BBT:
Ronnie is talking to Jeff/Jordan/Laura in the pool room.

He keeps saying that he doesn't know who the "rat" is. They're all trying to figure it out. Ronnie is saying that he'll prove it wasn't him when the nominations are done. He also said that even though he'll be talking to the other half of the house, that it's not what it looks like.

(I seriously have no clue what is going on in Ronnies head. When nominations happen, his loyalty will be shown clear as day..totally biting him in the ass!)

Jessie thinks it's weird that Ronnie talking to "them" all this time.

Jordan: "Ronnie, you gotta shake this game up!" (hinting about putting up 2 of the other side of the house).

Ronnie: "Oh, I will! Trust me.."

Ronnie leaves.

Laura: "It was HIM! It was Ronnie. Mark.My.Words. I'm 100% sure!!"

6:45pm BBT:
Workout Room

Ronnie tells them, word for word, what he said in the diary room during the live vote.

Ronnie: "I said that I was going to hell! (laughs)"
They all laugh hysterically.

(Okay, he's totally f'ing with "the other side"..Jordan/Jeff/Laura. His loyalty is clearly with Jessie/Natalie/Russell..etc etc.)

6:50pm BBT:
Pool Room

"I HATE a rat, dude. I hate a rat!! I wanna know who it is!"
Casey: "Dude..I am...PISSED!"
Jeff: "I am too!!"
Casey: "Ya, but you didn't have to switch (sides) like I had to! I switched and now..I dunno."

6:55pm BBT:
Kitchen Area

Laura is now telling Chima/Michele/Kevin that even though the 2 sides of the house are "hate each other", she still wants to them to know there's a rat in the house and whoever it is, is "the puppet master".

(If ya'll have the live feeds, turn'em on!! Laura is ratting out Ronnie to everybody!)

Laura: "He's coming to us and saying he's not gonna nominate us, and I'm sure he's going to you guys saying the same thing!"

Chima: "..and he has the power this week." (sounds disappointed)

Chima & Michele just hugged. They're making up. It looks like the division of the house might be going away..even if it's just for a minute.

7:06pm BBT:
Workout Room

Ronnie just said that he only has 3 options of who he can nominate:


He won't put up Jordan because he likes Jordan. (That would explain why he's always asking her, and only her, to put sun tanning lotion on his back. lol)

Ronnie tells Russell that he's the most wanted (to get out) in the house. He seems oddly flattered by that.

Chima walked in and hugged/thanked everyone. They were all smiles & cheers.

7:20pm BBT:
Storage Room

Ronnie tried to convince Michele that Casey is "the rat" of the house, after he was trying to pin it on her 20 mins ago. lol

Ronnie: "Do you think if we find out its Casey we can convince everyone its okay to put him up?"
Michele: "I dont know. This is getting weird. Lets make sure so we dont mess up again. We already got screwed once."
Ronnie: "Okay. Okay."

Ladies &'s one side of the house:

Chima just said that she's gonna "fake make-up with Michele". (I'm guessing the hug earlier was fake, then. lol)

Chima: "I want Jeff to go, I hate him. He's been giving me looks all day. When I gave my speech, I looked at him."

Ronnie walks in and says that Casey asked if it was him (Ronnie) that changed his vote. Ronnie's response was "Casey, when you say stuff like that, it makes me question you!" [smug cocky look on his face]

(I don't know what he said, but I know for sure he didn't say it the way he told them..all cocky & smart-ass like. Casey would have went off on him. lol)

8:14pm BBT:
The house has calmed down (for now). The Jessie/Russell side of the house is basking in Ronnie's glory. The other side (Jeff/Jordan/etc) are all wondering what they can do to save themselves this week.

8:37pm BBT:

Ronnie is on another round of lying and pretending to not be the rat.

While it's annoying to watch him try to lie (which by the way, he's a terrible liar!), I'm actually entertained at the thought/moment that he *will* get caught in his HUGE web of lies, and his 'empire' is gonna crumble from underneath him. I hope that moment is sooner than later! ;-) lol

(Keep Refreshing)

Stay tuned...

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