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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Evening in the BB House

Wow, what a show tonight!! I'm glad they showed a lot of diary room sessions so we can get a feel for where everyones mind is at in the game.

Let me turn the live feeds back on & see what's going on! :-D

**Sidenote: In case ya'll didn't see my edit a couple posts down, it is *not* 100% clear if Lydia/Jessie had sex. There was definite kissing & moaning and little movement of the blankets..but no one knows for sure. I'm guessing yes, but who knows for sure. ALSO....Michele admitted that she is also bisexual (along w/ Lydia).

6:18pm BBT:
Braden said he talked to a professional for the perfect BB plan. The pro said to have a secret alliance with 2 on each side to take out the middle. (Not sure if that's true or not..either way, it's a pretty good plan. lol)

Braden also pitched an alliance offer to Jessie...saying that they (Jessie/Russell/Braden/Jeff) should team up to take out the weaker players..otherwise himself (Braden), Jeff, Jessie, and Russell will all be evicted one by one and it'll be the worst defeat in BB history. He told Jessie to pitch that idea to Russell and they'd talk again later.

Currently on the feeds...

7:12pm BBT:
Nothing of importance is happening at the moment.

Everyone is kinda doing their own thing.

I'm waiting to see who else Braden tries to make an alliance with from the "other side". I'll be following him around like a hawk tonight! lol :P

7:20pm BBT:
Main Bathroom

Jordan & Laura are talking about how they both need Jeff to stay in the house. Kevin walks in. All game play talk stops.

7:26pm BBT:
Ronnie told Chima & Michele (seperatly) that he thinks if they ride the two bikes in the workout room, and light up both light bulbs at the same time, that some sort of secret will be revealed. lol :P

7:28pm BBT:
Braden is working out on the eliptical.
Jeff, Ronnie, and Casey are sitting the backyard couch.
Jessie & Russell are working out together..again.

Jessie tells Russell he used to hate working his legs out because it was so hard, then he proudly shows them off...

(My gawd, those are some huge legs!!)

7:58pm BBT:
Main Bathroom

Jessie is talking about his body to Chima, Michele, Lydia, and Kevin.

8:00pm BBT:

Braden is helping Russell out in the kitchen with cooking up something. I gotta admit..after seeing that little corky montage of Braden on tonights episode, and seeing him with his guard totally down tonight, he's actually likeable!! But when he acts cocky & starts spitting out garbage (like calling Kevin a "beaner"), I totally get turned off from him. Still, I'd rather see him stick around than Chima..her laugh still annoys the hell out of me on the feeds. lol :P

8:02pm BBT:
Braden is campaigning to Russell now!! Let's see how this works! (Remember, he's trying to get himself, Russell, Jessie, and Jeff to align together to take everyone else out.)

Russell said they can talk after dinner.

8:37pm BBT:
Lydia tells Kevin that she "gauged" Jessie's 'junk', but didn't give him a BJ and they did not have sex. She said that Jessie kissed all over her neck. Jessie offered to use his fingers (sorry if this is too graphic, I'm just the messenger)..and Lydia said she told him to keep his hands to himself. She also said that Jessie didn't want to kiss on the mouth. Kevin promised to keep this all a secret until she's ready for it to not be a secret.

Alright ladies & gents, I'm gonna go get some much needed rest. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. I'll be back in the morning with the Overnight Report! I'm so anxious to see if Braden successfully campaigned to Jessie & Russell. I'm also anxious to see if anything happens between Jeff & Jordan! Hopefully nothing more happens with Lydia & Jessie. lol ....although it would be funny as hell if Natalie found out! ;-) hahaha! Okay, I'm out! Night, bb fans!! :-D

Psss..if you wanna watch the house cameras while I'm sleeping, go ahead & get the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...

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