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Friday, July 17, 2009

Overnight Report

Hello BB11 blog fans!! :-D Hopefully your day is off to a great start. I'm off to a slow start (I promise things will be better starting Sunday morning when the hubby goes back to work from his 1 week vacation lol).

Today we'll have Nominations on the live feeds and no matter who is voted, there is bound to be MAJOR drama!!! Ronnie is playing both sides of the house..hardcore! So when he has to do nominations, he will clearly expose himself as a HUGE liar, and the fireworks will begin!

Alright, let's get right to the Overnight Report, shall we? ;-)

Ronnie spent the whole night lying his ass off and trying to point fingers at anyone but him for being the "rat" in the house (for voting Braden out, when he said he would vote to keep him to the Jeff/Jordan/etc side of the house). Alot of this was already covered in my previous 2 "Evening" posts, so if you haven't seen those yet, check'em out when ya can.

Jeff mentioned earlier in the night when he was in the backyard, talking with Jordan and Laura, that he feels bad from Braden but he's gonna "get killed" for making the racist remark to Kevin (re: calling him a "beaner").

Ronnie's accusations on Casey last night (as mentioned in my previous post below) was nothing short of creating a reason to put him today (this is my guess, and I think it's a pretty damn good guess. lol)

Ronnie mentioned that he's "thinking" of putting up Laura & Casey. Me, I think he's gonna put them up because (1) Laura is on this "I'm gonna find the rat & expose him!" kick...and..(2) Ronnie needs a person to be blamed for being "the rat" of the house, and he's gonna tell everyone it was Casey to take the target off of his back. (..or at least try to.)

As for an alliance name, Jessie/Russell/Chima/Lydia/Kevin/Natalie/(Ronnie?) are now calling themselves the "Natural Born Killers". Lydia stressed the natural part of the name, due to the fact that none of them have implants..they're all "natural".

When everyone was going to bed, there was a little bit of drama over who gets what bed. Kevin walked into the main bathroom where Jordan & Laura were and asked them if they would give up their beds. They weren't happy it, but didn't show it until Kevin left the bathroom. So, Jordan/Laura shared a bed in the Red Room, and Lydia/Jessie shared a bed also in the Red Room. They were flirting all night and Laura/Jordan looked at them in disgust and made funny gestures (like putting a finger to their temple and simulating firing a gun. lol)

That's about it for the overnight report!! Now let's see what the HG's are up this morning! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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