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Friday, July 17, 2009

Evening in the BB House (+ NOMINATION SPOILER!!)


6:35pm BBT:

Russell & Natalie were alone (playing chess) and Russell brought up the idea of getting Ronnie out of the house as soon as they can. Natalie didn't agree & said that Ronnie is still on their side and it's not the right time to get rid of him (right now).

7:00pm BBT:
Storage Room

Russell is telling Jessie that Ronnie's playing everyone in the house and he doesn't trust him, and he wants to get rid of him whenever they can. Jessie tells him the same thing Natalie told him...that the timing is wrong right now but he does see that Ronnie is playing everyone.

Jessie: "We still have 10 weeks left!"
Russell: "Ya I know, I just wanted to make sure you knew what he's doing."
Jessie: "Oh ya, I know. It's so obvious!"

(If you don't have the live feeds, I would recommend you get them. There's been constant drama in the house and I think it's gonna get even more intense after tonight's nominations!)

7:09pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Jordan is worried that she's going on the block, Laura said that she thinks it's gonna be her (Laura) and Jeff.

At 7:11pm BBT, the live feeds went to trivia!! The Nomination Ceremony has begun!!

8:20pm BBT:
The feeds are back!

Nominated for Eviction are:

Laura & Jeff

(No big shocker there.)

Russell questioned Ronnie on why his key was last. Ronnie said he did it to throw other people off.

The house is surprisingly calm. Lydia isn't feeling well (she was ill right before nominations), and Chima said she's "too tired to fight tonight". I'm guessing that's why the house is calm. lol :P

8:36pm BBT:
Cold Steel Room

Laura thinks she's gonna go home. They both discuss getting each others' numbers and make plans to visit each other in their home states after the show is over.

They said they wanted to go outside, but they're still on lockdown (from the food comp earlier..production is still cleaning things up). So they both go to the Workout Room.

8:40pm BBT:
Workout Room

Laura said she's ready to go home (Jordan said she is, too.) Laura said if she doesn't win the POV, she's not gonna campaign. But she did say that if she gets "Houseguest Choice" (while picking veto comp players), that she'd pick Jordan.

8:50pm BBT:
Living Room

"It was nice to see another human today! person." (re: BB10's Dan)
Michele: "And it was a boy!" (big smile & giggle)

**Side Note: Big Brother After Dark on Showtime2 has started! ;-)

Laura & Jordan are still talking in the Workout Room. Laura is talking like she's going home. She's telling Jordan that she's a bikini model. (The HG's know she models, but not what exactly.)

9:07pm BBT:
HOH Room
"Team Jessie" (minus Russell)

Chima won a movie preview (I believe tonight) from today's food comp.

Chima: "Yay..I get to sit here & pretend I like the movie." (she doesn't like Katherine Heigl, the star of the movie she's seeing.)

Ronnie says that if he can, he's gonna pick Jessie to play for the POV. Natalie is practically jumping out of her chair telling Ronnie...

Natalie: "Pick me! I'll fight for it!!"

9:13pm BBT:

Ronnie just told everyone in the HOH room that Jeff can never remember names and that he (Ronnie) over-heard Jeff saying "...and what's his name..the gay." Everyone gasps. Natalie gets out of her seat ready to start some sh*t.

Chima: "That's like saying 'The black girl'."

(Either Ronnie is laying his ass off, or he's telling the truth & trying to start a fight.)

Everyone is talking crap about everyone on Team Jeff. From making fun of them, to just talking bad about them.

(If you have the live feeds, turn'em on. Russell & Jordan are talking very calmly, and they're hashing things out. In the backyard, Casey is saying that he's pretty much down with "Team Jessie"...depending on who wins the POV, I think think this week could turn around for the better!!)

Alright guys & gals, I'm off for the night! :) I'm gonna go watch BB After Dark on Showtime until 2am. As always, I will be back in the morning with the Overnight Report! See ya then! :-D

Stay tuned...

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