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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

BB on CBS Tonight!!

Ladies & gents, I am sooooooooo sorry for disappearing this afternoon. As some of you blog fans already knew (via my personal facebook page), I fell ill this afternoon. I took some time to go lay down, and now..bam. I just now wake up. Hey, it happens. We're only human, right? :)

With that being said, I *will* be giving ya'll a very brief overview of the afternoon AND I will be here reporting LIVE when BB airs very shortly! :-D

Be right back...

Afternoon Overview:
(I will add pics tonight to go with everything, I just won't have enough time right now because of BB starting so quickly. :P)

*After much discussion all afternoon, it appears that the Off-beats & Atheletes have teamed up (this is thanks to Casey & Russell). Kevin is worried about it, but he's rolling with it (for now).

*Oh, and LYDIA & JESSIE HAD SEX IN THE HOH!!! (I am sooooo glad I missed that..I would have f**kin' puked. lol) If you wanna watch it on the live feeds flashback, go to hour 3pm and fast forward to around 3:50pm (thank you Crystal for the time, darling!!)

EDIT: There are different websites saying Lydia & Jessie did AND did not have sex. It is not confirmed, since ya can't really see anything from the covers being over them.

Okay, the live show starts in just 25 mins (9pm EST)!!! :-D See ya'll back here then!!

Stay tuned...

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