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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Early Evening in the BB House (+POV Winner SPOILER!!)

At 6:00pm BBT, the live feeds finally came back on!!

The Winner of the POV is:


WOW!! The feeds are bound to be on FIRE tonight!! :-D Alright, let's see what's going on in the BB house, shall we? :-D

6:14pm BBT:
Kitchen Area

Ronnie does not look happy! lol

Ronnie wants to know if "the piece of information" that Laura said she'd tell on her way out the door, is bullshit or true. (I told you guys it would eat away at him!!!!! hahaha! ;-) )

6:20pm BBT:
Jeff/Jordan/Russell/Michele (Ronnie just left the room)

They're cooking dinner...fajitas & pizza.

6:23pm BBT:
Red Room
"Team Jessie" (Ronnie/Natalie/Kevin/Lydia/Chima/Jessie)

Natalie won a slop pass, she is trying to tell BB that it should be for a cold shower/bed pass as well. Chima says "This $5,000 thing needs to stop." She wants BB to up the ante to $10,000. (I have noooo clue what the hell she's talking about yet.)

Apparently, the comp included quarters "pummelling" down and Casey's "white kicks" (his shoes) got scuffed up pretty good. I also heard something about a waterfall being in the comp.

6:32pm BBT:
Lydia/Kevin/Natalie/Chima roam into the kitchen. Lydia not even looking at anyone. Getting a drink.

No real talking going on. Just stuff like "Do you this?" or "Pass the..." (dinner talk).

6:44pm BBT:
The vibe is very weird as everyone eats. They are all making somewhat of an attempt to talk, but there's so much tension. I bet as soon as everyones done, HG's will huddle in their groups and start game talking.

Dinner is over. HG's move about the house.

7:00pm BBT:
Red Room
Jessie/Natalie...Jeff walks in.

Jessie: "So what yout think?"
Jeff: "What do I think? About what?"

Jessie: "What do you think Ronnie is gonna do?"
Jeff: "I don't have a fking CLUE!!"

7:15pm BBT:
Workout Room

Lydia wants Russell out. They all talk about telling Ronnie to backdoor Russell this week. Chima is totally on board with that idea. Kevin is scared that Russell will stay, join Team Jeff, and then have the numbers. Lydia says they wouldn't have the numbers, they'd only have 1 more person than them (Team Jessie).

7:19pm BBT:
Casey enters the Workout Room with Chima/Kevin/Lydia.

Kevin: "If you went up as the replacement nom, who would win (Casey or Laura)?"
Casey: "Uhhh....I don't know."

7:28pm BBT:
Fishies on the feeds...

7:33pm BBT:
Feeds are back.

7:37pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Seems like either he's enjoying the peace & quiet of being alone outside, or he's wondering why he's outside alone. Not sure.

7:40pm BBT:
HOH Room

Ronnie was talking to Jordan alone (before Jeff came up) and he briefly talked about putting up Russel as the re-nom. Jordan tried to sway him away from that, then Jeff entered.

Stay tuned...

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