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Friday, July 17, 2009

Morning in the BB House

Before I get to the morning report, I wanted to bring up what a fan of the blog wrote in the comment section: they said that Casey eliminating Jeff (instead of Ronnie) from yesterdays HOH comp was the biggest mistake Casey could have made. I couldn't agree more!! I remember watching it and saying "What???" out loud when Casey made that move. Did anyone of ya'll do the same thing? Leave a comment below & let me know what your thoughts on this are!! :)

The morning report starts off with Ronnie talking to Jordan, Jeff, and Laura up in his HOH room.

9:24am BBT:
Jordan & Laura are telling Ronnie that Russell is only kissing his ass because he's the HOH and that he went around calling him (Ronnie) "Captain Lurk-a-lot" (which is true). They are trying their hardest to throw Russell under the bus as far as they can! lol But Ronnie keeps bringing up Casey's name (obviously still planning on nominating him today at this point.)

Ronnie then switches to saying that he thinks it was Michele. (He did this last night as well...he told "Team Jessie" that he though it was Michele....and then he tried to blame Casey for it to "Team Jeff".) This is perfect for Ronnie because he can't put up Michele due to the fact that she's in his clique.

9:55am BBT:
HOH Room
Casey joins Jeff/Ronnie/Jordan/Laura

Ronnie tells them that he thinks the only option is to "backdoor Russell". (Notice that he didn't say NOMINATE...he said backdoor...this would mean that he could put up 2 of Team Jeff's people and use the "backdoor Russell" as the reason.)

Casey & Jeff try really hard to convince Ronnie to put one of Team Jessie's crew as a pawn, and not one of theirs.

10:35am BBT:
HOH Room

Ronnie tells them EVERYTHING...that Team Jeff was trying to throw Russell under the bus. Ronnie also tells them that they let go trying to figure out who the rat is & that they're just trying to stay alive in the game.

11:26am BBT:
Red Room

Jeff is saying that he's done talking to people (about game). He's just gonna see what happens and when the time comes, he'll put on his gloves and say "Let's dance." (lol)

In the main bathroom, Team Jessie (as I'm calling them) are giggly and very happy/comfortable. They're sharing stories and jokes...conversation is light & fun.

11:33am BBT:
Red Room

Ronnie just joined Team Jeff in the Red Room..but then he left to go feed the fish in the HOH room.

Casey said that theres nothing any of them can do but wait & see what Ronnie does with the nominations today.

Natalie & Jessie walk into the red room to lay down.

Jeff/Jordan are now quiet..Jeff is looking tired/disgusted/irritated.

11:44am BBT:
Main Bathroom

Chima: "Jeff is fu**ing worthless and stupid! He deserves to go."
Russell: "He's just here to be on tv."
Chima: "If I win HOH next week, he's going home."

11:46am BBT:
Kitchen Area

They're talking about today's Food Comp (aka "Have/Have Not" Comp).

Casey: "It'll be funny if it's a running comp. Like a run down, run back..Id moonwalk down that bitch." (they all laugh)

Jeff: "You're willing to go on slop for a week? I like your style." (laughs)

11:54am BBT:
We got TRIVIA on the feeds!! (The "Have/Have Nots" Comp is going on).

Stay tuned...

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