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Friday, July 17, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House (UPDATED!!)

The live feeds switched to trivia shortly before 12pm BBT. This means that the "Have/Have Nots" Food Comp is underway!

As soon as the feeds come back, I'll let ya know who won what! ;-)

3:43pm BBT:
Still trivia on all 4 feeds...

(Wow, this is taking a looooong time!! :P)

In the meantime, I wanted to address something...
yes, I have heard the rumors about Casey & Jessie knowing each other (I just kept getting sidetracked with the live feeds & everything else that I haven't had the time to post it yet, so thank you to the fans for the emails! I appreciate them! :D )

Apparently, Casey was the DJ at some function (wrestling?) that Jessie was at. They both acknowledged that they remembered each other 2 days ago on the feeds while in the backyard. I find this VERY interesting! Also, Jessie & Russell were also at a function together as well because they were talking about a guy they both knew (this was about 4 days ago) while lifting weights together in the backyard. That's all the details I know (fans, if you know more, please post'em in the comment section!!) I'm not sure if all of that info is going to be released on the show or not, but it is definitely worth knowing! Very interesting! ;-)

4:09pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

The populars (Laura & Jordan) lost the Have/Have Not (food) comp. They're on slop, cold showers, and will be sleeping in the cold steel room.

Chima, Kevin in Kitchen:
Chima thought they were going to have to wear unitards. States she loves H&M.

Jordan & Laura in Doom Room: Jordan & Laura crying saying "these people, we're just getting railroaded" Jeff comes in and comforts saying "it's worth it, they'll be portrayed bad on tv". Laura said "I've never cried this much". Jeff said his answer was wrong...something about underwear and outfits.

Ronnie said "Laura is going up & out!", and also said he's putting up Laura & Jeff today for nominations.

Lydia mentioned that Dan was there (I'm guessing to host).

4:17pm BBT:
HOH Room
Jessie & Russell

..then feeds go to stand-by mode again. (Ughh!!)

4:27pm BBT:
Feeds still on stand-by...

4:29pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

4:30pm BBT:
Pool Room

Casey is telling Jessie that Russell has made final 2 deals with everyone...

Switching feeds to Chima & Michele fighting!

4:32pm BBT:
Red Room
Natalie/Chima/Michele (and now Jessie)

Chima went off on Michele about beds...
Chima: "I was in here first this is my bed".

Michelle saying put a nametag on it so everyone knows.
Chima saying she doesn't need to put her name tag "on sh*t!"

Natalie (sounding like a brat): "Well, we're gonna be in here up late, so you're not gonna be able to sleep anyways!"

Chima is now on a "I hate Jeff! I want him GONE!" rant. (not sure what happened, I was watching another feed...)

4:44pm BBT:
Main Bathroom
Jeff/Jordan/Laura (taking a shower)

Jordan said something about Casey switching sides (to Jessie's side of the house).
Jordan: "I should just nominate myself to go home." (she really looks like she gives up.)

4:48pm BBT:
HOH Room

Ronnie: "What do you think about Russell?"

Chima is trying to talk him out of the possibility of putting up Russell.
Ronnie: "What about Jeff & Laura?"
Chima: "That works!"

Ronnie tells Chima that he doesn't wanna regret who he puts up..he's really thinking what is best in the long run for him. Chima is still really trying to get him put up Jeff/Laura.

Ronnie tells Chima to get Jessie. Jessie enters. Chima leaves.

Chima re-enters.

Ronnie is still talking about putting up Laura/Jeff. Now practicing a possible speech for the nomination ceremony. He's gonna say "Its nothing personal, you guys are great competitors..." blah blah. Jessie tells him he doesn't have to justify his actions in a speech.

Jessie said to put Jordan's key first because "..that says something!"

5:16pm BBT:

Ohh geez...those 2 are talking about who to take out, when, who should be the 1st to the jury house, and who they want for the Final 4. (lol Umm hello! It's only Week 2!!)

Chima leaves, Ronnie goes to the bathroom. He tells Chima to send up Casey.

5:20pm BBT:
HOH Bathroom

Ronnie is talking to Casey like they're in a Final 2 agreement (????). Ronnie tells Casey he can trust him. Casey said Natalie gets on his last nerve.

Casey: "I'm so fking tired of her...acting like she controls things." (He continues to throw Natalie under the bus.)

Ronnie tells Casey he's putting Laura up.

Ronnie: "I am considering us (Casey/Ronnie) as being in an alliance."
Casey: "Mmm hmm." (he then flatters him a little bit.)

Ronnie: "I KNOW Jeff will NOT go home. I KNOW...Jeff will NOT go home!"

Ronnie keeps talking about how he wants to protect Jordan and make sure she's safe, and that Laura can potentially "sink" them (Casey/Ronnie).

Now Casey is throwing Russell under the bus and saying that Ronnie might wanna think about pulling Jeff down if he (Ronnie) wins POV, because Jeff could be an asset to them (physically).

5:31pm BBT:
Outside HOH (around Chess board)
Chima/Jessie/Natalie/etc..basically "Team Jessie" lol

Natalie is, again, going off about the beds.

Michelle, who is in the kitchen, says something (I can't hear her, her mic isn't being picked up).

Natalie: "You're not even in this conversation!"

5:33pm BBT:
HOH Room

Ronnie: "I promised, promised, PROMISED, my family I would play strategically and not personally."

He goes on say that he doesn't want people that play by "emotions" to be in the house. (Ronnie isn't really getting to the point...hearing him talk is torture. lol I just wanna scream "GET TO THE FRICKIN' POINT ALREADY!!" lol)

Okay, he asked Michele to support his decision, and she said she will.

Michele: "So you're not backdooring anyone then?"
Ronnie: "No no no no..there's a backdoor OPTION...Russell. (*smirks*)"
Ronnie: "...don't tell anyone I told you that!"

6:02pm BBT:
The house is calm. I'm gonna take a break, I'm having Ronnie-overload. lol :P I'll be back shortly with a new "Evening in the BB House" post! :)

Stay tuned...

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