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Monday, July 13, 2009

Morning in the BB House

If you have the feeds, go to Camera 3...Russell & Casey are talking game (about joining the Athletes/Off-Beats together) If you don't have the feeds & need'em, get'em here!

9:25am BBT:

Russell seems very interested in Casey's idea of joining forces (Athletes/Off-Beats). They talk about how they think Jeff threw the HOH comp (which he did, as we all know).

Casey told Russell that he can't trust Lydia because she has a big mouth, Russell said can't see Chima being in the house for more than another week, and Russell said that Ronnie is the "rat of the house".

Casey also said that he wants Natalie out and that the "Athletes are weaker with her" because she's young and will make young mistakes. (Of course, he still thinks she's 18 yrs old.)

10:05am BBT:
Ronnie, Russell, Lydia, Casey and Jordan are up.
The remaining HG's are being woken up by BB.

10:50am BBT:
Nothing of importance has been happening.

Kevin, Michelle & Casey are running in the BY.
Ronnie & Jordan are swimming while having mindless chatter.
Laura, Russell, & Braden are in the kitchen area eating/talking/roaming.

11:14am BBT:
HG's still taking it easy. Ronnie said he hopes today is a totally stress free day so he can relax. (Hmmm..a peaceful day in the BB house? We'll see! ;-) )

11:25am BBT:
Kevin assures Chima (in the storage room) that she has his vote to stay.

11:36am BBT:
Braden gave Russell & Chima some advice: to not trust Lydia and to get her out as soon as they can.

11:41am BBT:
Russell & Jessie
HOH Room

Russell & Jessie talked about how they think Braden is a nice guy & all, but he still has to go. They also make it clear that next week, Lydia is their #1 target.

11:48am BBT:
Braden (sitting on the backyard couch) continues his Lydia bashing to Jeff (who is working out on the eliptical). Jeff, who is already anti-Lydia, enjoys the bashing & joins in.

***I'm gonna take a short break to eat some lunch, take my dog for a walk, and get some sun (I feel like I'm sittin in a dark cave on a hot sunny day. lol :P )

Stay tuned...

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