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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tonight's Show-Sunday July 12th

Alright guys & girls, I'm back! I was so happy to finally see some Diary Room sessions so I can get a better grip of who likes who, etc.

Okay, here's my brief overview of tonight's show:

Kevin doesn't like Jessie, so he wasn't happy at all when he came through the BB door. He said he thinks Jessie is a "meat-head".

Lydia was more afraid of finding a way to connect w/ Jessie, since they are so different.

"I gotta find common ground with this guy!" - Lydia

Chima also wasn't happy that Jessie came through the door of the BB house, but for different reasons. She said that the athletes are already strong, and the brainiacs suck (at strength) and they needed the help..not the athletes.

Russell was happy to see Jessie & thinks they have "alot in common".

Natalie-"He's an advantage, he's an asset to me."

Ronnie was excited Jessie became part of the BB11 cast as well...but that's because he (Ronnie) is smarter than Jessie & knows his game play from last season. (Hmm interesting!)

Ronnie wanted the brainiacs to align with the athletes to be one strong team (brain and bronze) & control the house with the votes.

Ronnie pitched the idea of being in an alliance together (Jessie & Ronnie). Jessie accepted. Ronnie promised Jessie's safety if he wins HOH.

Jessie & Russell are in an alliance...
Russell-"We're unstoppable together."

Russell put out Lydia's name for eviction first & really pushed for her to get nom'ed because she's playing the game already. Jessie wanted Laura nom'ed. Russel said "..but Laura isn't playing the game, Lydia is."

"I'm running the show from the background"-Russell

BB showed Natalie/Jessie's flirting.

Chima was/is a pawn. Ronnie was supposed to be, but fought against it.
"The pawn always goes home!"-Ronnie

The Have/Have Not comp was was all glow in the dark.

Okay, now it's time to see what's happening on the feeds! ;-) (I'm starting a new post)

Stay tuned...

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