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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Overnight Report

Good morning BB fans! ..or Good afternoon depending on where you live. Sorry for the hour delay, I had to practically wrestle the laptop away from the hubby. lol (I can't wait until his vacation is over on Saturday! lol ;-) )

Alrighty, I'm gonna go gather up last nights happenings. Hang tight! :-D

The "brains" are now off of slop, no more cold showers, but they still have to sleep in the cold steel room.

10:14pm BBT:
The HG's got alchohol (beer & wine) around 9pm BBT. By 10pm, Michele (of all HG's) was talking about sex, like having a one night stand once.

Jordan asked Michele alot of sex questions. Jeff chimed in with a flirty comment:

Jeff (about Jordan): "I love it. She's so innocent and yet so filthy!"

(I feel a showmance coming on with those two! ;-) )

12:15am BBT:

Jordan/Russell and then Jordan/Jeff

Jordan tells Russell that her & Jeff are "just friends", but that when they get out the house, she would like to "have fun".

Jordan then goes and lays down with Jeff in his bed (w/ the lights on).

Conversation is light. Ronnie passes through and talks for a minute, then Jeff asked him to turn off the lights (and he does). Then the flirting really started! ;-)

Jordan: "My boob feels weird..
Jeff: "Why?"
Jordan: "Because I've been doing my excersises."
Jeff: "What do you gotta do? (talking about her boob excersises)
Jordan: "Here...(pulls covers over her chest)..feel this...hold on, don't want the camera to see...Go ahead & squeeze.."

Jeff: "They feel REAL!! They feel nice."
Jordan: "They're like..hard."

Someone passes threw and turns on the light a minute later (I believe it was Lydia)...totally killing their little intimate moment. lol

Lights turn back off & the flirting continues until they're about to fall asleep.

It seems thats about the jist of everything that went down last night. A very calm evening after the huge fights earlier in the day.

Alrighty, let's see what the HG's are up to this morning! (Making a new post.)

Stay tuned...

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