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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Morning in the BB House (POV Players Picked)

The HG's are all awake, some are ready for the day (Laura)..some are not (Jordan), and some are still eating breakfast.

The live feeds were on stand-by mode when I first turned them on (they were picking POV Comp players), and when they came back on, I saw this...

10:39am BBT:
Workout Room

I was kinda shocked, considering their fight last night, but they were talking about how things change when there's a new HOH, and about communicating, and Russell (again) says how he hates that people talk game 24 hours a day and they should all take breaks once in a while. Lydia agrees. They both leave the room to roam around the house.

10:45am BBT:

The girls are telling him that his glasses make him look alot softer and they like them on him. He thanks them, then talk turns to where Russell has worked in the past. Light, friendly chatter.

The Veto players were picked and here's who is playing:
Ronnie (HOH), Laura (Nom'ed), Jeff (Nom'ed), Russell, Natalie, and Casey...
and Lydia just said she's gonna be the host (while talking to Ronnie/Kevin in the main bathroom)

Natalie's shoulder still hurts, so if it's a physical POV Comp, she might not be playing at her best.

11:00am BBT:
Light chatter throughout the house.

11:05am BBT:
Workout Room

Laura: "I'm gonna fight as hard as I can [for the veto]!!"

Laura then gives Jordan advice (in case Laura goes home this week). She tells Jordan that if "they" start yelling at her, to play like a puppy dog..and to *not* stand up to them. She also said to not trust a single word Ronnie tells her..he's a manipulator and a liar.

Laura: "If you get HOH next week, put him up or get whoever is the HOH to put him up. If I'm here and win HOH, he's going up!"

Laura knows this game very well (she played it off until recently) and she's been coaching Jordan since last night. Jordan doesn't know the game that well, so Laura is giving her every piece of advice she possibly can.

Side Note: While it's nice that Laura is coaching Jordan on how to really play the game well, it could bite her in the butt later on if Laura stays this week..Laura should have waited until after the Veto Comp & Ceremony before 'showing all of her cards' to Jordan.

Ronnie enters.

Laura told Ronnie that she has '1 more piece of information' that she'll tell Jordan and couple other people she can trust, as she's walking out the door (if she goes this week). She said that if she can't win, then a maybe she can at least help others to win. (I know last night Laura said she was gonna say something about Natalie having a boyfriend and how hard it must be for him to watch her cuddle up with Jessie all the time, but I'm not sure if this is the "piece of information" she's talking about or not...hmm!!!)

UPDATED @ 12:03pm BBT: Laura just told Jeff/Jordan that she doesn't have a piece of info, she just wanted to scare Ronnie. So if she ends up leaving, she's gonna whisper something like "get the puppet master out" to Jeff & Jordan. Jeff said that he'll make a "OMG" surprise face and then look at Ronnie, just to freak him out. lol

11:34am BBT:
Living Room

Lydia says she wants Natalie out because Lydia thinks Natalie is a "huge threat" because she'll make it to the end having her athlete teammates. Kevin tells Lydia that he's loyal with her (Lydia). (Not officially saying their in an alliance, but kinda does in so many words.)

11:40am BBT:
Ronnie/Jordan (Laura not present at the time)
Workout Room

Ronnie told Jordan that if Laura doesn't win the veto today, then she is "most definitely going home".

Laura returns to the Workout Room w/ Ronnie & Jordan. All 4 feeds on them. Chat is non-game related at the moment.

12:11pm BBT:
Workout Room

Laura & Jordan are doing their makeup.
Laura got called to the Diary Room @ 12:13pm BBT.
Ronnie just entered & told them that the Veto Comp is "starting soon". Jeff wants to know what they have to wear (for the comp) and Ronnie said production didn't say yet. Jeff said "Then we still have time, dude."

Stay tuned...

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