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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Live Eviction Episode + HOH Comp

Okay guys & gals, BB has started!! Here we gooooo!! :-D (The chat room is open, no registration needed, so hop in and say hello!)

8:03pm EST:
"Hi I'm Julie Chen, Welcome to Big Brother! It's Day 11..."

"I'm the biggest schemer (sp?) here and I don't go on the block?"-Ronnie

"Putting Braden up was a shot at me (since I couldn't go on the block since I'm part of the athletes).-Jeff

Showing Jordan crying, saying that someone is making up lies in the house & making the tension in the house. Braden said it's Natalie that starts it, then Lydia, etc etc. "It's like the gossip girls."-Braden (to Jordan)

Now they're showing Lydia talking to Casey alone in the backyard. Lydia talking about Jordan crying and how she doesn't think they're as close as she thought (because she didn't cry when Lydia was first nominated, but she cried when she came off.)

Russell asked Braden if he knew he'd be nominated. Braden said ya, he had a feeling. Russell (in a diary room session) said that he wanted to rattle Bradens cage. Braden talking sh*t about Lydia and how she's a "snake". Russell asked if he approached her about it. (That's his attempt at rattling Braden's cage & provoking him).

They're showing the big fight between Braden/Lydia/Kevin...where Braden called Kevin a racial slur (a "beaner"). CBS edited that part out, though.


Showing the fight between Lydia & Jordan.
Now the fight between Jeff/Lydia/Kevin. Jeff said (in a diary session) that Lydia had the votes to stay, but she didn't believe it, so she sold her soul to the devil (Russell) and joined their side of the house instead.

Jordan/Laura talking about how to get votes to not only save Braden, but to take control of the house. Laura's loyalty is 100% with Jordan/Jeff/etc...

Jordan: "I have myself, Laura, Ronnie, Michele, Jeff...all I need is Casey (to keep Braden)!"

Now showing Laura/Jordan talking to Casey to get his vote.

Julie goes live to the houseguests!! :-D

(I find it hilarious that Jeff/Russell are sitting next to each could feel the tension! lol) To make it worse, Julie is asking about the feud between the two. lol :-P

Now Julie is asking Jordan & Lydia about their fall-out. (They're also sitting next to each other. lol) Jordan told Julie that they're fine now, their friends.

"Coming up next, the live eviction!"-Julie Chen


Julie now talking to Jessie privately in the HOH. She asked what's different this time around on BB, Jessie said he's a bigger target this time & laughs.

"It's time to vote! But first, let's talk with the 2 nominees."

Braden is first with his speech...
Then Chima...

WHOAAAAAA!!!!!! Chima just TOTALLY outed Braden for being a racist and called him a "biggot" and that "you'd be voting for a biggot!" WOW!!! The audience was stunned!


Russell votes to evict...Braden.
Natalie votes to evict...Braden.
Jeff votes to evict...Chima.
Jordan votes to evict...Chima.

(The rest of the HG's will vote after commercial)


(Join the chat room to talk with other BB fans about Chima's speech!!!)

We're back!

Kevin votes to evict...Braden.
Laura votes to evict...Chima.
Lydia votes to evict...Braden.
Michele votes to evict...Chima.
Casey votes to evict...Chima.
Ronnie votes to evict...Braden. (wow! what a trader!)

It's a tie!!!
Jessie has to break it...gee I wonder who it's gonna be. :-/

Evicted from the Big Brother House is...



Braden goes to talk to Julie. Inside the house, the house is clearly divided. Ronnie stands by the side of Lydia & Russell...making it clear who he's with. Braden says he thinks Ronnie, Michele, or Casey. Julie tells him it was Ronnie.

"Good for him (Ronnie), he's a great liar."-Braden

Braden's watching his goodbye messages.

Next up is the HOH Comp! (It's a Question & Answer comp).


We're back! The theme is "Homecoming".

Chima is eliminated by Laura. (w00t!! lol)
Jeff eliminated Kevin.
Laura eliminated Russell. (yayyy!!!)
Casey eliminated Natalie.
Laura is out (got question wrong).
Casey eliminated Jeff.
Lydia eliminated Jordan.
(It's Brains vs Off-Beats)
Ronnie eliminates Casey.
Michele eliminates Lydia.
Ronnie eliminates Michele.

Ronnie is the new HOH!!

(Ohhh boy. I'm not happy about this at all.)

"...Dan (BB10) returns to surprise them!"-Julie Chen

Showing the HG's in the backyard...


Stay tuned...

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