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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Overnight Report

Goood morning, BB fans! I'm still in the process of waking up (haven't had my coffee yet), but I will eventually get the O.R. up. lol :P Ughh..I'm just having one of these mornings...

lol ;-)

Okay, so last night, not too much happened in the BB house. But there are a few things worth noting. Let me go make some coffee, turn on the flashback feeds, & then I'll be right back with the Overnight Report!

Overnight Report:
There wasn't anything going on during the time I took this screencap...

....but I wanted to show it to ya'll because I find out it to be rather telling. If I was in the house, and Ronnie was the target, and I saw him laughing/joking/hanging out with Team Jessie, and Jessie was the HOH...I think that would be enough to tell me that 'something is up'. Casey has already mentioned the other day that he finds it funny that Ronnie is now part of their clique again, and he thinks something is up. I just found it to be strange (and ballsy) that they're not trying to play it off like they hate Ronnie anymore.

And one more thing to mention real quick...

When Jessie wanted to get his hair cut last night (as I posted in the "Evening" post), Lydia was originally supposed to do his hair. Then the feeds switched to fish, and when the feeds came back on, Natalie was cutting his hair. Apparently Jessie said that he trusted Natalie more to do his hair, and this left a very bitter taste in Lydia's mouth. It seems like Jessie is pushing her away during the day (when Natalie is around), but when it comes time for 'fun' in bed, he welcomes her with open arms. I think she realizes that, but at this point, isn't sure what to do about it. (Hint: Drop him like a bad habit Lydia!)

Moving on...

12:53am BBT:
Hot Tub

Kevin was telling Jessie how he's a big target in the house because (1) his muscles..(2) he's the returning HG..(3) because him & Natalie are viewed as 1 person. Apparently, someone in the house put Natalie & Jessie's keys in 1 slot..signifying them being as 1 person in the game.

"I think it's jealousy, is what it comes down to."
Talk continues..
Natalie (to Kevin): "So basically, what you're telling us, is that next week if we (Jessie/Nat) don't win HOH, we're getting
put up."
Kevin: "WHAAAT?...I dunno about that. You guys don't sense [being targets]? Or am I trippin'?"
Natalie: "I mean, I do..but.."
Jessie: "Then why I should fight for everybody, when nobody will fight for me? (talking about keeping Ronnie, yet he might be a huge
target next week).

Jessie goes on to say that he just wants to make it past week 4 (he got voted out on Week 4 of last season).

2:09am BBT:
Workout Room
Lydia & Jessie

Lydia: "If Ronnie & Jordan are on the block this week, me & Kevin are gonna have to reasses the situation. And if it was Casey and Jordan, I'd vote to keep casey because he's an off-beat, and it's a numbers thing."
Jessie: "Mm Hmm.."

Lydia then talks about the whole haircut thing..

Lydia: "By the way, don't ask me to do something, and then at the last minute, switch me out for somebody else."
Jessie: "Okay."
Lydia: "Cuz that's's just not nice. And you trusted a girl that doesn't even brush her hair (Natalie), over me...who does their own hair all the time."

She ends the convo by saying she'll vote with the house, though. So..if Casey goes up, she will (supposedly) vote Casey out.

3:10am BBT:
Red Room

Jordan & Jeff got their flirt on again (and no, they have not kissed yet, for those that are dying to know. lol)

Jeff went on & on about the movie "March of the Penguins" and how they Penguins are "AMAZING! Amazing!". He even went into detail about how they find mates, how the mamas feed their babies, the dads role in raising baby Penguins...he was very passionate about it! lol It was cute.

Also, for those of you who are interested in seeing Chima/Russell there anybody that wants to see that happen??...anyways, Chima & Russell flirted all night. The pictures say it all.

And that concludes the Overnight Report, guys & gals! ;-)
The HG's are still sleeping and since it's Sunday, they probably won't be up for a little bit longer. But once they get up & get moving, I'll be sure to start todays morning post!

Stay tuned...

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