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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House

***Reminder: BB is on CBS Tonight @ 8pm EST!! :-D***

Gooood afternoon, everyone!! :-D The HG's woke up late again today (every Sunday), so there was no need for a morning post. The early afternoon in the house was calm..nothing worth noting happened.

Currently on the feeds...

2:28pm BBT:
The HG's surprised Chima with a little birthday party (her birthday is on Tuesday). BB let her/Michele/Ronnie (the "Have Nots" for the week) have 1 hour to eat cake and enjoy the birthday party.

Natalie went up to the HOH room to get Chima, who was talking to Ronnie...

Chima: "What is all this?? I told you guys if you were gonna do anything, to let me know. I'm not even dressed! I'm gonna be on national tv looking like a hot mess..."

She walks down the stairs, all smiles, and the HG's all threw pillows up in the air and said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" ...someone threw a pillow at her (was it Kevin? lol) and someone made a comment "We weren't supposed to throw the pillow at her!" and they all laugh.

2:35pm BBT:
HG's are all enjoying the cake and chatting away.

2:57pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Jordan, who is comfy sitting on Jeff's lap, takes his cigerette & is being silly with it. Russell asked her if she ever smoked before.

Jordan: "Ya, when I'm really drunk I smoke and talk gibberish to people in bars."
Russell: "You can smoke in the bar? You can't do that out here in California. You have to be 150 feet away from the bar to smoke."

Jordan says she LOVES to dance, but is terrible at it.
Jordan: "Even if nobody is on the dance floor, I'll still go out there and..."
Jeff: "..shake your booty?"
Jordan: "No, I don't booty dance."

Jordan leaves, Jeff/Russell talk.

"When's the veto ceremony?" (it's tomorrow)
Jeff: "I don't know. Laura is gone, and I don't talk to Ronnie, so who knows." (lol)
Russell laughs.
Russell: (immitating Ronnie/dorky voice) "One time, in Season 2...(back to his voice now) Shut the f**k up Ronnie, nobody cares."

Jordan're welcome.

3:25pm BBT:
HOH Room

They're talking to the cameras/us feed watchers, saying..

Natalie: "We plan on being here for week 4, so you tell us, America..who do you want to see go home? Who do you want on the block? Do you want us to pick a fight with someone?"
Jessie: "Call into the Jessie & Natalie Show, at 1-800-Big-Brother-Season-11!"

This conversation right here, is possibly pay attention! :)

3:28pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Lydia & Kevin are talking about how they need to do something in the game to stay alive, because at this point, the athletes have them "cornered".

"So if this goes down (Casey getting evicted), we're gonna lose an off-beat. For sure."
Lydia: "Me & you are gonna have to be a stronger..unit. But without letting them (Team Jessie) know."
Kevin: "Ya. I'm thinking of a game of chess...they're cornering us. Us, as in, the non-athletes. Because when it comes down to cliques, the 2nd strongest clique was us! But by backdooring Casey, now it's just us two. Which, in their eyes, we're considered 'pawns'. We're not strong their eyes."
Lydia: "Ya."
Kevin: "So they're like, 'yes! we just destroyed a click.' and unless Big Brother gets rid of the clique thing next week, which I doubt, but if they do, the athletes are gonna keep dominating for another 2 weeks."
Lydia: "That when we need to win HOH and nominate their butts!"
Kevin: "If Ronnie wins HOH, he's not gonna nominate the athletes."
Lydia: "Then they could only nominate us..."
Kevin: "I know!"
Lydia: "It would be better if Ronnie would go home."
Kevin: "But Jessie won't put him up, I don't think."
Lydia: "We're cornered! What the hell!"
Kevin: "We're being viewed as expendable, because Jessie's gonna save Ronnie, which forces Ronnie to put us up. If he were to win [HOH]."
Lydia: "Ronnie would put up Russell & Jeff if he won HOH."
Kevin: "No he wouldn't."
Lydia: "Ronnie told me he would!...

..a moment of "Ohh!!" clicks in Lydia's head...

Lydia: "Is Natalie trying to keep her numbers?"
Kevin: "Yes. Natalie & Jessie are both trying to keep their numbers, regardless of what they say. They're trying to keep their numbers."

Kevin: "So they're gonna get into Ronnie's head and say 'hey, if we save you, you cannot attack our team'. You know what I'm sayin'?"
Lydia: (lookin pissed) "Mmm hmm."
Kevin: "Subtract all the personal crap, it's all about numbers. And Ronnie/Jessie/Natalie play by numbers...although they pretend to be personal and 'my word' and all that bullshit, it's all numbers. That's all it is. Remember when we were talking about backdooring Russell?"
Lydia: *nods her head yes*..."I wanna talk to Chima."
Kevin: "I have a feeling Chima & Natalie are too close now."
Lydia: "They are. Something needs to happen so they explode on each other..."
Kevin: "It won't work because it won't bother Natalie, unlike how things bother Casey."
Lydia: "We need to pick at her boyfriend. That's what will upset her."
Kevin: "Ya, but then it'll just make you look bad!"
Lydia: "I'm not talking about me doing it, I'm talking about somebody else doing it!"
Kevin: "I don't think they would."

Michele comes out for a second, asks Kevin if she can use his bed for a nap. He says yes. She goes back inside. Talk resumes.

Kevin: "It's starting to get to the point where shit needs to change BIG TIME. Because, we're just being f**ked in the ass and like..
Lydia: "Ya."
Kevin: "Ya know?"
Lydia: "You or I need to win [HOH]..we need to win!"
Kevin: "I know! But that's 2 against 8!"
Lydia: "If you or I win, right?..Everyone else has to come kiss our ass & start making deals with us!"
Kevin: "No no no no no..the odds of us having a good situation..counts upon me & you winning. The odds of Jessie & Natalie having a "safe" situation next week are...Jessie/Natalie/Jeff/Russell/Ronnie..they have 5 chances out of 10 to be safe (next week)! We only have 2! They set it up so that if any of those 5 people win HOH, they're gonna be safe!"
Lydia: "We can do it though, Kevin!"
Kevin: "How did we get f**ked?"
Lydia: "Because Natalie is f**king us in the ass!"
Kevin: "I don't know if it's Natalie! I think it's Jessie! They are 1 brain..they are not seperate."
Lydia: "I think I'll have a talk [with Jessie]."
Kevin: "By calling him out isn't gonna do anything. He's gonna be 'well I gave my word' and you can't argue with that.

Kevin: "Well, what I wanna do is, start investing time & energy in people that will be best for me. I'm not saying that Jessie would nominate us [this week], but what I am saying is that others that aren't on [Team Jessie] could nomiate us [next week]." (Kinda like guilty by association.)

Kevin: "So just like chess, they're thinking 3 steps ahead. We are only thinking 1 step ahead. This is a human chess game. Jessie is the King. The King can only move 1 space at a time. But the King can move pawns around. Jessie is looking at this as a big chess game! And you know what the Queen is, right?"
Lydia: "Ya, Queen is the strongest player."
Kevin: "Or an aggressive player. Natalie is the Queen."

**Fishes on the feeds for a minute, then come back...**

And here it is, guys & gals!!!!

Lydia: "So should I go for Jeff & Jordan?"
Kevin: "I think we need to get Jeff & Jordan! Becuase Ronnie was gonna go home this week and Jessie saved his ass. Jessie & Ronnie had to already had that relationship. And now that Jessie is gonna save him.."
Lydia: "I'm pissed!"
Kevin: "Don't be, because that will make us lose..ya know?
Lydia: "Okay."
Kevin: "We need to get Jeff & Jordan on our side, or at least the same page..I think Chima is a lost cause. Russell too. Ronnie is on Jessie's team..this is why they're 3 steps ahead of us..because they recruited people and we didn't! Like, they recruited us. I think I can get Michele, too."
Lydia: "I think Michele would nominate the athletes."
Kevin: "I do, too. And by the way, this conversation better not get back to Jessie! So promise me.."
Lydia: "PROMISE."
Kevin: "Natalie & Jessie are using us as information gatherers. I'm tired of being played, I'm tired of being used!

Kevin then says he could possibly get Russell.

Kevin: "We could play on his paranoia. Is there a way we could make him distrust Jessie & Natalie...without having it come back to us. We can't have Jessie & Natalie recruit more players. Right now, Russell is on his side! But we can play on his paranoia."

Topic switches to how to create a wedge between Natalie & Jessie. Kevin said that Jessie said the only thing that would make him snap in the game is if Natalie was physically attacked. Lydia comes up with a plan to start hiding Natalie things and let it slowly eat away at her, causing bickering between Jessie & Natalie (since they hang out all the time & she'd be pissed off). Kevin says that Natalie will figure out it's Lydia doing it, and the idea is thrown out the window. Back to Lydia saying they need to win HOH.

Kevin: "The next HOH comp will most likely be endurance, so..."
(then fishies on the feeds)

When the feeds come back, the conversation is over.

(Keep Refreshing...)

Stay tuned...

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