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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Overnight Report

Gooood morning, BB fans across the land! I'm done with the overnight report, I'm just finishing up getting screencaps to go with everything, so hang tight!

If you have the feeds, turn'em on because the HG's are up. BB woke them up at 8am BBT. Natalie went to bed at 6am BBT, so she's gonna be struggling to stay awake all day along with Jessie who had less than 1 hour of sleep. I can't help but to wonder if she's staying up so late so that she can last in Thursdays endurance comp longer.

Okie dokie, just give me a few minutes & I'll have the Overnight Report up shortly!

10:50pm BBT:

Jeff & Jordan had some really cute moments last night. They say that they're "in this together", and that they hope they get to the jury house together if nothing else. They also talked about the game. Jordan said that Jessie would use the $500,000 to buy weight lifting stuff. Jordan brings up the fact that she sees Russell & Ronnie talking and scheming all the time. Talk then turns to how badly they need to win HOH this week.

11:46pm BBT:
Backyard Couch
The house was very calm all night, so out of pure boredom, Lydia painted Jessie's toenails pink as he slept on the backyard couch.

He discovered his toes painted 12:30am BBT, he wasn't mad. He was actually impressed at what a good job she did. lol

11:58pm BBT:
Pool Table

Talk is about Russell.

Ronnie: "I talked to Russell last night and I was like 'Are we straight?', and he was all 'I’m your only friend in here.'
Natalie: "Yeah, because he’s the one who didn’t put you up!" (being sarcastic)
Ronnie: "Oh, ya! He called me into the storage room and was all "See, I proved myself to you! I didn’t put you up!" and I was thinking ummm you didn’t have any power, you proved nothing." (laughs)
Natalie: "He’s the next guy I want out. If the cliques break up, he’s going up. If not, Lydia and Jeff are going up. If either them come off, I'm putting up Russell. That’s funny. "He" saved you."

Ronnie is back to his ways of backstabbing.

And here it is: the alliance that never was.

1:00am BBT:
HOH Room
'Team Jessie' (minus Lydia/Kevin)

Michele tells Team Jessie the whole convo with Lydia & Kevin. She is definitley a part of Team Jessie, if ya'll ever wondered. Her loyalty is strictly with them.

Michele: "They think they can grab me for their alliance! I just want you guys to just know that I’m an asset to you [Team Jessie]."

She gives them every little detail that she can about her conversations with Lydia/Kevin.

6:00am BBT:
All over the house (it's 1+ hour long convo)

The convo starts with anti-Natalie stuff that ya'll have heard before. Later on in the convo, Lydia throws Kevin under the bus..BIG TIME!! She told Jessie that Kevin said Jessie uses girls to do their dirty work for him, that way it doesn't come back on him.

At this point, Kevin needs to dump Lydia ASAP if he wants a chance at winning the game. Otherwise, he's gonna sink like the Titanic.

And that's it for the Overnight Report!
Starting a Morning post right now! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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