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Friday, July 31, 2009

Early Afternoon in the BB House

Continuing from the morning post:

Currently on the feeds...

12:00pm BBT:

HG's still on outside lockdown.
Jordan is now in the hammock.

Jeff is cleaning the pool.

Ronnie is looking nervous (as he should be).

Jessie is...well..doing what he does best. lol

And Jordan is still tanning.

12:32pm BBT:
Russell is asking BB to hurry up because he has to go pee..really bad. lol

Jessie is still trying to sleep, with his 'Queen' at his feet.

Everyone is VERY quiet...except Russ with the occasional "Hey bb, I gotta pee!" remark into his mic. He's about 2 minutes away from doing the I-gotta-go-pee dance. lol

...and now Russ is up moving around really fast, about to pee outside. lol

Lockdown is over.
The "Have Nots" got Squash and Squid for the week. (Ewww. lol)

12:50pm BBT:
HOH Room
Jeff & Russell head up to the HOH room to talk alone.
They congratulate each other on the HOH comp last night...

..then it's time for game talk. Russell is saying that he is sticking to his word this week and he wants Ronnie out the house. Jeff & Jordan are safe. Russell told Jeff that he didn't like how Ronnie "swears on the bible" and that Russ is catholic (so is Jeff), so he took offense to that.

Russell: "Call me a me an ass..but don't use my religion, ya know?"
Jeff: "Ya, totally. He's a proven liar, why would you trust him again?"

Russell says he wants to give Ronnie a dose of his own medicine, by promising to Ronnie that he's safe, then getting nominated for eviction. They're both talking about how good of a liar he is, and that it's final...Ronnie is going up. Jeff says he totally supports that. Again, Russell tells Jeff that him & Jordan are safe & he's keeping his word.

Jeff tells Russell that he didn't say what the deal was between Jeff/Russ to Jordan. (which is true.) Russ tells Jeff 'i appreciate it'.

Russ & Jeff talk about who to put up on the block. Russ thinks either Kevin or Lydia..because Russ thinks Ronnie/Kev/Lydia are in an alliance together. Russ is gonna use the excuse of 'You already won something'.

Jeff/Russell have a genuine man-hug, say thanks, and Jeff leaves.
Ronnie is waiting outside the HOH room & goes right in to the room to 'talk' to Russ.

1:14pm BBT:
Ronnie is throwing Jeff/Jordan/Casey/Laura under the bus by saying that they wanted Ronnie to put Russell up. (Wow, this guy is unreal. lol)

Russell is kinda half-ass pretending that he belives him. lol
Russ is asking Ronnie a ton of questions...what's the deal with this person..that do you feel about this person...what's up with that person, etc etc.

Ronnie tells Russ that he should get rid of Lydia. They both say Lydia sucks up to whoever is HOH at the moment. They both leave, Ronnie feeling very good about his convo with Russ.

Next up, Michele!

1:37pm BBT:
HOH Room

Michele using the same old "where do you see me in this game?' question that she asks everybody all the time. Russ doesn't really say what he thinks. Convo continues. Michele throws Kevin under the bus, Russ says that he thinks Kevin threw the HOH comp & that he was "fake dry heaving". Michele agrees.

Russ is asking Michele the same questions he asked Ronnie..what does she think about certain people in the house. Michele saying that she'd be fine with either Kevin or Lydia going up. Russ asked her what does she think/feel about Ronnie. She says he's "still a manipulator'. Russ tells her that Ronnie was just up in the HOH room throwing Michele under the bus (he kinda threw EVERYBODY but Jessie/Natalie under the bus. lol) Russell is basically trying to get confirmation that it's okay to get out Ronnie, just not in so many words. (This is to keep 'blood off his hands', as HG's often say.) Russell now telling Michele that Ronnie said "Take Michele out!"

Russ asked Michele, between Lydia & Ronnie, who she'd vote out. Michele says Ronnie.

Sidenote: I think it's pretty clear at this point that Russ will be putting up Lydia/Ronnie, with Ronnie as the target. Russ is basically getting the votes prior to the nomination ceremony to make sure it can happen.

They both talk about how they don't want Ronnie in the jury house, because he'd rather give the money to either Jessie or Natalie..not Michele or Russ.

2:00pm BBT:
Michele & Russ are still talking in the HOH room. Russ told Michele that his target is Ronnie.

Russell: "There. The cat is now out of the bag. I want Ronnie gone."
Michele: "Thank you! And you have my vote (to evict Ronnie). Good finally prevails. I feel like I got roped into a fake allaince."
Russell: "With who?"
Michele isn't really telling him, she said she doesn't wanna throw people under the bus. But then she cracks and says basically 'Team Jessie'.

Stay tuned...

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