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Friday, July 31, 2009

Aftrnoon in the BB House (Part 2)

The other post was getting a little too full, so I'm starting a Part 2 afternoon post. lol ;-)

Currently on the feeds...

2:05pm BBT:

As soon as Michele left the HOH room, she went outside...and Ronnie wasted no time telling Michele that he talked bad about her to Russ but only to cover up their "alliance". Michele played it off like it was okay.

2:12pm BBT:


Jordan & Jeff are being their cute lil selves as usual. :) Sharing an ice cream sandwhich.

Michele is nearby putting on tanning lotion, asking Jeff if the plan is to backdoor Ronnie this week. Jeff plays dumb & says...
Jeff: "Who knows? Shit, that was the plan last week & look what happened!"

2:19pm BBT:
Main Bathroom

Ronnie tells Chima that if Russell plans on putting him (Ron) up, it could bite him in the ass because the votes would be 4-3 for him to stay & that Jessie would put him up next week out of revenge.

2:25pm BBT:

Jeff is swimming, Michele is poolside.

Convo is random...about how they both didn't have any plans coming into the house, to Jeff saying he likes having Jordan in the house because he has her to vent to.

2:34pm BBT:

HOH Room

Russell is telling Jordan that Ronnie needs to go this week because if he gets to the jury house, then Jordan/Russell/Jeff/Michele have no chance at winning.

Jordan: "Ya!! That's true! This scares me! Ya, he's gotta go!"

2:50pm BBT:
HOH Room

Russell pretty much said that she's going up on the block, but he REALLY wants Ronnie out. Lydia said that somehow, he'll end up staying.

Russell: "I want Ronnie gone."
Lydia: If you want my vote to get rid of him, I'll give it to you, but you can't put me up because then I wouldn't be able to vote him out. Just put up 2 people you wouldn't mind seeing going home."

Lydia then throws Jessie & Nat under the bus, saying they kept Ronnie & got rid of Casey instead because Ronnie is a "yes man", and Casey would have never been that guy. She says that Natalie is star-struck & Jessie loves the attention from her. Russell agrees. Lydia says that she has no deals with anyone in the house. She can't win shit, she gets hurt during comps...but she can cook & clean. (lol)

Lydia then talks about how she almost shaved the sides of her head yesterday, despite BB saying no.

Lydia: "I was about to, but then a stern voice said 'Put.Them.Down.'"
Russell: "Who?"
Fishies on the feeds!! (lol) It was production that told Lydia to put the clippers down.

Feeds come back, and Russell asked Lydia if she wants Ronnie gone, she says yes. They both start talking about what if Ronnie is americas choice.

3:40pm BBT:
Lydia leaves.
Russell remains in HOH, starring at the other HG's roaming in the kitchen area.

3:50pm BBT:
HOH Room

Here comes Team Jessie, to make sure they're safe this week. Russell said that Lydia said Jessie wants Russell out. Chima & Natalie start calling Lydia a bitch, etc. Natalie says she's not gonna pretend to be her friend no more.

Chima: "I'm not talkin' to that bitch no more!"
Natalie starts her 'barking' (as I'm calling it now).

Jessie (to Natalie): "Just chill!"

Talk turns to the HOH comp.
Chima: "That bitch (Lydia) said 'F**k this, I'm out.' and dropped!"
Jessie tells everyone to not let Lydia "drive a wedge" in Team Jessie right now. (The more intense Natalie is, the more Jessie looks super irritated.)

Chima leaves to go to the diary room.

Ughh...Ronnie is back up in the HOH now. That's my cue. I'm taking a break to eat dinner with the hubby. lol :P

Be back @ 4:30pm BBT!! :)


4:32pm BBT:
HOH Room

All 4 are still talking. Current topic is them gaining weight in the house.

Sidenote: Nominations should be starting very soon!!

Jessie tells Russell to put up Lydia/Kevin.
Natalie told Jessie to not talk to Lydia anymore, and if he does, she'll be mad.

4:53pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Nom's should be any minute now because Russell was called to the Diary Room.
Kevin/Lydia are talking on the back couches. Lydia thinks it'll be her & Ronnie nom'ed today. Kevin tells Lydia that "they" are trying to them (Lydia/Kevin) apart.

Lydia comments on how "busted" Natalie looks today, even more so because she refuses to take a shower all week (she has to take cold showers all week since she's a Have Not) and she didn't get much sleep last night in the cold steel room.

Jordan joins them & asks them whats going on. They say Ronnie is throwing them (Lyd/Kev) under the bus.

Stay tuned...

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