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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House (Part 2) + POV Winner

At 2:55pm BBT, the feeds came back and it's official...

Winner of the POV is:


Currently on the feeds...

Ronnie: "I'd rather have you decide what you want to do with it, than Kevin. If you decide to save me...I'll do anything to stay!"
Michele: "We'll talk about it later."

Michele has been headstrong on getting out Ronnie, so I doubt that she's gonna save Ronnie.

3:00pm BBT:
Michele is about to take a shower.
Natalie is taking a cold shower (that she swore she'd never take.)

Russell just yelled at Ronnie, "You're getting the f**k out of here!! Pack your bags!!"

3:34pm BBT:
Jordan was wearing the leaf garland on head from the POV comp & Jeff called her a "sex goddess". lol Jordan said "Ughh don't say that!".

Then fishies on the feeds...

3:50pm BBT:
Jeff & Jordan are cuddling & napping.

3:51pm BBT:
HOH Room

Russell is complaining about Chima always telling him what he should do, hanging on him, etc.

Russell: "Dude..I get it! You're lonely. You have a crush on me. But leave me the f**k alone! Stop f**king telling me who I can or cannot talk to! Her loud mouth..ugh...she irritates me!"

Russell then tells Jessie that Michele is on their side (to get Ronnie out) and that her winning the POV is gonna force her to "show her hand" (where her loyalty is in the game).

Jessie starts talking about how Kevin was "pounding grapes" (eating them) outside (he's a Have Not this week and is on slop). Then we get fishies on the feeds for a minute.

Russell just said tha Jeff/Jordan "made out" a little bit ago. (I didn't see it anywhere on the feeds.) Russ also said he thinks "they" are drunk (Jeff/Jordan). Apparently HG's that didn't compete in the POV comp had wine.

4:10pm BBT:
Dinning Table

Ronnie said it was a Stay/Fold POV Comp.

Chima/Kevin talk about how Michele is a strong competitor (they're basically making her target for later in the future.)

Chima: "She's not playin' around! She's the POV princess."
Kevin: "And she was the last girl in the HOH comp."
Chima: "Mm hmm."

4:12pm BBT:
Workout Room

Jessie is telling Natalie about his convo with Russ & how Russ was going off about being sick & tired of Chima. He tells Nat to not say anything about it to anybody, she says she won't.

4:16pm BBT:
Main Bathroom

Ronnie is telling Chima that it benefits 'Team Jessie' for him to stay & that he never lied to her (Chima). Chima says that she tried to talk to Russell (last night) but it's not working. Talk turns the "mystery power". Chima can't wait to find out who has it & it's used (if it ever is).

As of 4:24pm BBT, they're still talking in the bathroom. Ronnie is basically saying the same shit over & over again, using different words. lol He's also talking about who to take out, and when.

4:26pm BBT:
Jeff & Jordan are still sleeping off the wine.
Ronnie is now reading his bible.
Michele, Natalie, Russell, Jessie are all napping.
Not sure where everyone else is (the feeds are on Jessie/Nat sleeping & Ronnie reading the bible).

5:00pm BBT:
Jeff/Michele (alone)

Michele says she wants Ronnie out, hands down. It seems that Michele wants to partner up with Jeff to the end (I don't see that happening for a couple of reasons...1) Jordan being his partner in crime ...(2) Michele is shifty.

Jordan comes out.

Jeff: "Whats up, Cookie Dough!"
Jordan: "Nuttin'." (eating)

Jordan tells Michele that Lydia told her that Natalie said she wanted to get her (Jordan), Michele, and Lydia out of the house.

Jordan says that she has a "good feeling" about next week, she even told Jeff that.

Jeff: "Ronnie is going home...unless that power thingy comes into play."

5:45pm BBT:
Michele goes to the Diary Room.
Jordan/Jeff are left outside.

Jeff: "What do you think? Michele said she wants to be with us (Jeff/Jordan)."
Jeff tells Jordan she's gonna win either POV or HOH "when the time comes".

Talk turns to alliances.
Jeff: "I don't trust Lydia & Kevin, but if we have Michele, then we control the house." (..assuming they have Kevin/Lydia).

Jeff said earlier that he thinks Russell wants out of Team Jessie but can't right now, but that might change soon.

Jeff & Jordan say that if they win HOH, they're putting Nat/Jessie up, and Chima will be next. They both hope that either of them (Jeff/Jordan) get the 'magic power'.

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Jeff is making fun of Jessie, saying his jokes are lame & aren't even funny. And he hates how he's always flexing his muscles.

Jeff: "That dude has the personality of an orange road cone." (lol)

J & J going through every HG, wondering which one America would pick.

Stay tuned...

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