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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Evening in the BB House

If you just watched the BB episode, then you heard the BB announcer guy say that on Thursday...

"A huge announcement will turn the game upside down!"

My best guess is that the cliques will be over. They kinda need to be for this game to turn around in a new (and better) direction.

EDIT @ 9:22pm BBT:
I just had a light-bulb in my head moment. I'm not sure the cliques can be done this week because CBS is advertising Americas Vote for the "Have/Have Nots" food comp this week. Or...they'll just do something different for the "have nots" group, but do away with the cliques. I dunno. What are ya'lls ideas/thoughts?

Currently on the live feeds...

7:21pm BBT:
Backyard Hammock Area

They're talking about everything from Jordan needing to get more muscles, to butt massages. lol :P

Lydia is playing a game that BB gave them.
Casey is working out on the eliptical in his banana suit.
Ronnie is playing pool with Jessie. Natalie is near him.
Jeff is in the kitchen.

7:41pm BBT:
Nothing really happening. Just light chit-chat all around. Very relaxed vibe in the house.

7:46pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Jeff: "If I win HOH, I'm taking the head of the dragon, I'm not f**kin' with the toes & shit. I'm going for the head!" (I believe he's taking about Jessie and/or Natalie)

7:53pm BBT:

Russell told Casey that he's playing Chima and that he's not interested in having sex on a national tv show. Casey added "espeically with an average looking girl". Russell agrees.

Sadly, nothing has been really going on. lol :P The HG's are acting like they're not even playing a game. A very, very relaxed night (so far). It is worth noting that Casey took pots & pans into diary room yesterday and when he came out with them, Jeff asked what those are for..Casey's response was "you'll see". If you watched BB8, then you know what Casey's got on his mind! ;-) I'm wondering if he'll wake the HG's by banging pots & pans tomorrow morning or Thursday morning. Or at all, for that matter! We'll see! :-D

Alrighty ladies & gents, you know the drill by now..see ya'll in the morning with the Overnight Report! I'm gonna go watch BB After Dark on Showtime as soon as it comes on. G'dnight! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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