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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House

Afternoon, ya'll! :D Well, it looks like the past hour has a couple of things worth mentioning, so I'm just gonna jump right on in to the Afternoon post!!

*Casey has been trying to rack up the 5 votes to stay. He asked Russell for his vote. He asked if he has to do what "daddy" (Jessie) says, or if he has a mind of his own to vote this week. Russell said "daddy", because then he'd be a target next week. He's trying to get votes from Kevin, Michele, Lydia, Russell, Chima. Kevin told him (secretly) that he has his vote, but to not tell Russell.

*Kevin tells Russell (a lie?) saying he's not voting for Casey to stay.

Currently on the feeds...

1:14pm BBT:

Jeff is eating breakfast. (He just woke up not too long ago.)

Lydia is putting her bathing suit on. (She just woke up, too.)
Russell is suntanning.
Kevin is clipping his toenails in the main bathroom.
Casey is roaming around the house.
Everyone else is off-camera.

1:22pm BBT:

Main Bathroom

Kevin is telling Lydia about his earlier convo with Natalie.

Kevin: "All I know is, somebody is listening in on our conversations."
(Ya,'s LYDIA! lol)
Lydia: "Michelle, maybe?"
Kevin: "Mm...maybe."

Feeds were on standby for a while, when they came back..
1:37pm BBT:
Storage Room
Natalie is asking Lydia if Kevin said she (Nat) was "the Queen" in Jessie's 'chess game'.

Natalie then asked if Kevin said he's gunning for Natalie. Lydia said no, he's targeting the atheletes. Natalie then calls out the whole Lydia/Kevin/Jeff/Jordan "allaince" and tells her that if that's true, then just get it out in the open & "draw the line in the sand" already. She said no, there is no alliance.

Sidenote: The HG's all got sneakers in the Storage Room, I'm guessin for the Endurance Comp on Thursday.

2:03pm BBT:
Red Room

They're all talking about the endurance comp on Thursday.

Ronnie said that BB gave them all the same shoes for the comp so it's on an even playing field, and figures that it'll be a standing type of endurance comp. (Ya think? lol)

As I've told you guys & gals before, and as long time fans of the blog know, endurance comps are my FAVORITE things to watch on the feeds!! :D I always make sure I'm in comfy clothes (for sitting down for a long time lol), full beverage on hand, coffee on standby, and of course some snacks at my side! Endurance comps typically last anywhere from 2-8 hours. Last man/woman standing, wins HOH for the week! If you wanna watch them LIVE, you need to get the feeds!!

2:15pm BBT:
HOH Room

Natalie is about to take a shower, Jessie was napping before she walked in the room. Natalie giving him the run down of her & Lydia's convo in the storage room.

2:20pm BBT:
Casey/Kevin/Jordan (Lydia roams through for a minute)

Casey is dancing while singing his "Man in a Banana Suit" song. It's HILARIOUS! lol :D
Casey: "Man in a banana suuuuitt..Jordan likes to poop, Lydia sometimes goes OOhhhhh...MAN IN A BANANA SUIIIIIITTT!!"

(The time stamp on the pic wrong, sorry guys! I zigged, when I should zagged I guess. lol :P)

3:10pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Casey just told Jordan that he's gonna try to get votes, but he will NOT "throw her under the bus" in the process.

Casey: "And if you hear differently, it's a lie! It'd be different if you were an asshole, but you're not."
Jordan: "I've never said anything bad about you either, Casey. I'm not mean. Probably why I such at this game."

Casey says he wasn't mean enough either and that's why he's going home.

3:23pm BBT:
HOH Room

Kevin tells Natalie that he's not after her & never said anything like that, and she said that she believes him and if he wins HOH, she'll find out for sure if he's with them (Team Jessie). Natalie goes on to tell him that she takes everything he says for "face value" because she truly believes him.

Sidenote: About the rumors of Ronnie talking bad about Jordan's body, that's true. He was commenting on her weight.

3:42pm BBT:
HOH Room

Natalie is on another "I wanna confront her!" rants. Natalie said that Lydia is the one saying that Kevin is coming after them. So Natalie wants to "nip in the butt before it gets bigger!" Jessie/Chima are trying to convince her not to go & start even more crap. The outcome is never good.

3:50pm BBT:
Natalie confronts Jordan

Natalie wanted to know who told Jordan that she (Natalie) said she was gonna put Jordan up if she wins HOH. Chima is surprisingly protecting Jordan from Natalie (Natalie keeps demanding who it is, Chima is telling her it doesn't matter and leave it alone).

Natalie: "I wanna know who's lying about me! It was either Russell, Casey, Lydia, or Kevin! Who was it? I want confront them, I just wanna know."
Chima:(to Natalie) "Listen, she doesn't wanna tell you (Natalie) because she doesn't wanna start anything up. And what does it matter if you're not gonna confront them anyways."

4:00pm BBT:
HOH Room

They're still talking about the whole "Who said that Natalie is the Queen in Jessie's game of chess?" thing. I'll spare ya'll 25 mins of convo: they think it's Lydia or Kevin that said it. (For the record, Kevin said Lydia. Lydia told Jessie last night/early this morning.)

Chima tells Natalie to not confront Lydia until AFTER the HOH comp, because if Lydia wins, she'll be a target (little do they know, Lydia would be gunning hardcore for Natalie to leave.)

Stay tuned...

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