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Thursday, July 30, 2009

New HOH + Evening in the BB House

Ladies & Gents, meet your new HOH!!!

The New HOH is:


Russell told Jeff that his target is the same as his..Ronnie. He swore on his fathers life that him (Jeff) & Jordan are totally safe this week. He's gunning for Ronnie.

Jessie is kissing Russell's ass..BIG TIME!!! He keeps offering to carry him places in the house, rubbing his back to warm him up, following him around the house.

Jeff fans, dont despair! America's Vote for the coup d'état is most certainly gonna be Jeff. So even if it's a worse case scenario, he'll be fine. ;-) Now let's see if Russell lives up to his word & votes Ronnie out!!

Currently on the feeds...
Jordan won the power to pick the "Have Not's" for the week since she's a "Have" this week. She's not gonna put up the Brains because they are just now getting off of slop.

The drawing is done by names out of a hat:

The Have-Not's for the Week are:

Jeff's name was pulled, but others said to not include him...Jordan picks again, it's Jessie. He's not happy & wants to do something else to pick names. They do 'Pick a number between 1-20'. Jessie is being a baby about it.

Lydia says she'll take Jessie's place.
Jessie: "I lost, twice! It's fair. I'll take it."

**I'm taking a break, guys. lol Be back in 10 mins!**

Back!! :)

I was just thinking, Russell's HOH is going to be useless. No matter who he puts up, Jeff (or Jordan, whichever wins the coup d'état) will be able to replace the nominations. Best case scenario is if Ronnie doesn't win the POV. I think this will be Ronnie's last week in the house.

10:03pm BBT:
Main Bathroom
Jeff just got out of the shower.

All 4 of them are talking about how Chima flipped because she's so damn light (in weight).

10:06pm BBT:
Red Room

As Natalie was telling Jeff that the back of his leg is all bruised, Ronnie knocked his head into the silver spikey lamp in the red room.

Ronnie: "Ouuch!!"

Jeff was using a blow dryer to warm up his legs.

Jordan called the whole house into the dinning area because she has to officially announce the "Have Nots" (for editing purposes.)

Natalie is going OFF to Jessie about BB not being "fair" because the Have-Nots are starting today (with slop/cold showers), instead of tomorrow (which they normally do).

10:12pm BBT:
Natalie: "They called me THREE TIMES while I was in the shower, THREE TIMES, to tell me that I couldn't f**kin' use the garbage bag hoodie & pants!"
Jessie: "'s a fair show, Natalie."

If you did vote/are voting for the coup d'état, then read this from!!!

IMPORTANT NOTICE -- All online votes cast before 9:20 PM EST (6:20 PT) on July 30 have been disqualified due to technical difficulties. We encourage you to vote again if you voted during this time period. We are sorry for any inconvenience


(**Thank you for the info, Ashlie!!! :D)

A fan of the blog wrote in the comment section, and I want to post it for everyone because I think it's important to keep in mind! :)

I think Russell & Ronnie had a secret alliance but when Russell overheard Ronnie trash talking him to Lydia and Kevin 2 days ago he got pissed.
And when Russell confronted Ronnie with it Ronnie swore on the Bible about a bunch of stuff and Russell knew he was lying .So their alliance may be in the crapper

I totally agree, LightWriter!!! Thanks for the comment!!

Alright guys & gals, I'm exhausted! :P I'm gonna watch BB: After Dark and pass out. lol I'll be up early tomorrow because I'm sure there's gonna be alot to report! :D G'dnight everyone, see ya'll in the early morning with the Overnight Report!!

Stay tuned...

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