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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Evening in the BB House

If you haven't yet read the Lydia/Kevin convo in the "Afternoon" post, go ahead & read it. It's interesting & it may be the starting point for a possible alliance between Jordan/Jeff/Lydia/Kevin (and Casey, if he stays this week..which I doubt.)

Since my last post, here's what has happened in the house:
*4:40pm BBT: Lydia told Jordan that Jessie is thinking of putting up Casey.

Lydia: "I don't think Jessie is putting Ronnie up, I think he's putting up Casey! Because Ronnie has been acting all confident. I'm gonna KILL Natalie & Jessie if that happens!

Jordan: (shocked..then sad...) "Nothing I can do about it."

*5:58pm BBT: Jordan went into the Red Room where Russell was laying down, to talk to him. Russell told her not to worry & that she will be fine. Also did damage control by telling her not to tell Jeff. (He never told her that he knows the plan to backdoor Casey.)

Sidenote: I would love for Jordan to tell Jeff what Lydia said about Casey might be going up...then eventually tell Casey. I think it's only a matter of time. ;-)

Okay, let's get back to the BB house!

Currently on the feeds..

6:55pm BBT:
Jordan was just called to the Diary Room.
Casey is roaming around still wearing his banana suit & having a bit of fun with it.
Jeff is washing dishes & the kitchen counters.
Russell is taking a shower.

7:02pm BBT:
Russell is done showering.
All feeds are on the main bathroom, where Lydia/Jordan are doing their makeup (their Margarita Party the house won is starting soon). Jeff & Michele just walked in.

7:20pm BBT:
The Margarita Party has started!! Here's some pics! :-D

Ronnie & Chima aren't out there. They didn't wanna join the party (because they can't drink or eat anything..they're on slop.) Michele, who is also on slop, is still out there with everyone else, sipping on her protein shake.

Stay tuned...

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