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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Evening in the BB House

Good evening, BB fans! :D The contest is now over, and WOW..I gotta say, I never expected sooooo many entries! I spent the past few hours going through the hundreds of emails and I read each & every one of them!!! The love & support of the blog was AMAZING & I am totally greatful and humbled by each & every one of you!! I emailed alot of you back, but for those of you who included a 'thank you' message in your email, I want to say THANK YOU right back! You guys & gals really make this blog what it is!! :-D Look to see if you're the winner tomorrow morning in the Overnight Report!!!

In the past few hours, here's what happened on the feeds:
*Jeff/Jordan had alot of down-time (as others napped) and they talked on the backyard couch.

They talked about everything from 'Which celeb would you go on a date with?' to 'What do you look for in a guy/girl?'. Bonding Q & A. ;-)

*At 8:47pm BBT, Jessie/Nat/Chima were busy scheming against Russell's plan of getting Ronnie out.
*At 9:17pm BBT, Natalie went into the pool room (where Ronnie is still hiding out) and told him that they're trying to get him (Ronnie) to stay, but he's the only one who can Michele over. Ronnie told her that he's been trying & that he told Michele that she'd be in a 5 person alliance.
*The HG's received alcohol courtesy of BB. (Beer & Wine)
*Jordan told Jeff she thinks it's funny that Lydia thought they were "making out" earlier, but that they didn't do anything....yet. ;-)

Now let's get back to the feeds! (If you have Showtime, turn on SHO2 because BB: After Dark has already started! :D )

Currently on the feeds...

9:33pm BBT:
Backyard Couches
Everyone except Ronnie/Jordan/Jessie/Russell

Talk is random. Everything from wanting a Big Brother version of "Hollywood Squares", to Michael Jackson having unreleased songs prior to this death. And is it me? Or does Natalie look more & more 'busted' (as Kevin would say) with each passing day?


Moving on...
9:35pm BBT:
HOH Bathroom
Jordan lovers, rejoice! She's taking a bubble bath. lol

Ronnie just ventured from the pool room to the kitchen, where Jessie washing dishes.

9:55pm BBT:
HG's still outside chatting.
Jessie chased Michele out of the kitchen because he was gonna throw squid on her. lol

Jeff is looking hot as usual.

Russell brought up the whole Jordan/Jeff "making out" thing from earlier (Lydia screamed "They're making out!!" when they weren't.)

Jeff: "I didn't (make out with her)."
Russell: "Whatever!"
Jeff: "I didn't!"

Light convo continues about various topics.

**Okay guys & gals, I'm done for the day! ;-) I'll be back in the morning with the Overnight Report. See ya then! :D G'dnight!!

Stay tuned...

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