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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Early Evening in the BB House

Since the Afternoon post is so long, and it's not quite evening yet in California, I figured I'd start a new post & call it the "Early Evening" post. lol :P

BB is on CBS @ 9pm EST!!!!

It's the POV Comp & Ceremony epiosde. As usual, I'll be in the chat room while watching tonights episode! :-D

Just to re-cap everything:
*Kevin told Lydia yesterday that Jessie is playing the game like a game of chess...with Jessie as the King, and Natalie his Queen.
*Lydia told Jessie all of that very early this morning (around 6am'ish BBT).
*Jessie told Natalie (of course). Natalie got pissed.
*Now Natalie is trying to figure out who said she was the "Queen" in Jessie's game of Big Brother. She has it narrowed down to either Lydia or Kevin.

This day inside the BB house has my head spinning!! Natalie is picking fights over the stupidest shit. It's Big Brother! There's gonna be lies (some big, some small). Pick your battles. But to Natalie, everything is a battle to be fought, which is pissing Jessie off because that's exactly what sent him packing last season (him always confronting people).

Currently on the feeds...

5:04pm BBT:

All 4 girls are talking about random stuff, nothing really game related. Kinda weird to see all of them talking! lol

Sidenote: At 4:40pm BBT, Lydia went up the HOH to talk to Jessie. She tried to get Jessie to admit that he told Natalie everything Lydia said this morning, but he didn't. He tells her it might be a good idea if they don't hang out as much anymore because of what "they" (Team Jessie members) will think. She gets pissed off, tries to leave, he says don't go, patches things up, tells her to win HOH. (He basically told her what to do to protect him, and also made sure they were on good terms before she left the room so that if she wins HOH, he's safe.

Today is Chima's birthday, so Michele said they'll cook dinner for her.

5:39pm BBT:
Michele is in the kitchen starting on the dinner.
Jeff is on the elliptical working out.
Jordan/Casey are also in the kitchen.

Chima & Natale are in the backyard by themselves, talking about the endurance comp.

Natalie: "I'm gonna put everything I got into it, ya know what I'm saying? I'm not gonna give up!"

Sidenote: Russell got a concussion from diving into the pool yesterday (or was it the day before? Getting my days mixed up. lol) and he cracked his head pretty good. He's been complaining of neck ache & headaches. He saw the BB doctor and they said he was fine.

The girls ask Jeff when he thinks the cliques might be over.

Jeff: "Who the f**k knows, ya know? Maybe they'll have it the whole game."
Natalie: "No, because there comes a point where it wouldn't work anymore."
Chima: "On Thursday, Julie might like 'Houseguests, you are now working as individuals. You fall on your ass, you're OUT!'" (laughs)

5:47pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

The boys are just talking about non-game related stuff, mostly about where they live & such.

BB is starting soon on CBS!!! See ya'll in the chat room!!

(I'm taking a 1 hour break from the feeds.)

Stay tuned...

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