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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Morning in the BB House

The HG's were woken up at 9:35am BBT, and already game talk is happening. Don't forget, tomorrow is the HOH Endurance Comp, which is bound to last for HOURS!!!! Wanna watch it all happen live? Then ya gotta get the feeds!!! :-D

Currently on the feeds...

10:01am BBT:
HOH Room

Jessie/Chima continued HOH convo about Ronnie & Russell. Jessie is sure that Russell is lying now and Ronnie told the truth. Chima understands why they all thought Ronnie was lying since the crap he stirred up earlier. Jessie thinks that Russell might throw the HOH comp tomorrow because he doesn't have a lot of enemies (why create some by being the HOH). Jessie says he's going to do more work-out things with Jordan to make her even more sore which will hurt her in HOH. They think that if the clique twist ends, nobody will throw HOH. (I agree!! I think it'll be a looooonnnng endurance comp if the cliques are over with tomorrow!!!)

Sidenote: Michele told Jordan yesterday to not workout too much so she's in good condition for the HOH comp, and Jeff told her last night to not over-workout for the same reason. Hopefully she remembers not to over-due her workouts so she's not sore for tomorrows comp.

10:20am BBT:
BB: "Houseguests, it's time to get up for the day."
Jessie: "Pfft..for the day. Guy, have you not seen us the past 20-something days up in this piece?" (referring to them always sleeping)
Chima: "That's funny!"
Jessie leaves to go get a protein shake.

10:34am BBT:
Jeff & Jordan are being cute this morning. They had a nice hug in the kitchen, then as they were walking to the bedrooms, Jordan pushed Jeff (in a flirting/playful way) and then Jeff did it back to her...

She chased after him & smacked his butt. lol :P Then Jeff rubbed her legs while Jordan layed on her bed. Her legs are super sore from doing too many squats yesterday.

10:54am BBT:

Casey & Lydia are fine again. Casey was being funny & mocking the way Lydia yelled at him yesterday.

Casey: "DON'T GET PISSED BECAUSE YOU'RE IN A BANANA SUIT CASEY!!! Then you stomped off like this.." (stomps away like a child throwing a tantrum.)
Lydia: "I'm sorry! I just felt bad for the dork. I know what's it like to get picked on."
Casey: "But everything he got, he had coming. He created it. If he came into the house as a nice dork, I would have never said anything. Hell, I'm a dork!"
Lydia: "No you're not."
Casey: "Look at me." (lol)

Casey is currently talking to himself on the BY couch as Lydia is suntanning, but it's way low to hear what he's saying though.

Off Topic: Thanks for all the well wishes for my doggy! She's acting fine so far (hopefully she doesn't get sick). Ironically, today is her 1st's almost like she knew it was her birthday and ate the cake as her way of treating herself. lol :P

11:03am BBT:

Jeff joins Casey on the BY couch.

Casey: "Whatcha doin' today, buddy?"
Jeff: "I gotta go to the mall."
Casey: "Gotta buy an ipod for Jordan?"
Jeff: "Ya."
Casey: "She is so cute, man."

11:30am BBT:
All HG's either sleeping or laying down awake. Casey is outside smoking. House is very quiet.

Casey is talking to us feed watchers. lol

Casey: "Good morning. How do I look today?"

Sidenote: "HG's should be going on inside lockdown tonight for BB to set up the hOH comp, if there is indeed an endurance comp tomorrow.

11:50am BBT:
Russell is now up. Jeff is shaving.

Jessie is passed out in the HOH room as usual.

11:53am BBT:
Jeff is done shaving, went outside with Casey. Just chit-chatting about non-game stuff.

Jeff is fussing in the backyard. Currently, he's watering the garden.

BB: "Russell, please go to the diary room!"
Russell goes inside.

Casey: "Russell has about 5 things runnin' in here." (alliances)
Jeff: "Oh, I know! And people see it, too!"

12:20pm BBT:

Jeff/Russell/Casey are in the backyard, throwing a wet nerf ball to each other. (Jeff to Russell, Russell to Casey, Casey to Jeff..repeat.) Russell is horrible at it and Jeff/Casey are teasing him. lol

Casey: "You're not supposed to catch it with your f'king palm!"
Russell: "I used to play baseball."
Jeff: "You probably sucked then, too."

Everyone else is still sleeping (except Lydia who was just called into the Diary Room).

12:45pm BBT:
Russell/Jeff are still playing ball. Casey is on the couch smoking.

I'm gonna take a break, nothing has been happening for hours now. I'll come back with an afternoon post soon! :-D

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Stay tuned...

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