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Friday, July 31, 2009

Morning in the BB House

As of 9:49am BBT, the houseguests are still snoozin' away. :P So in the meantime, I have a couple of things for ya'll to sink your teeth into.

I'll start of with...

Evel Dick posted on his myspace blog today and I laughed so hard, I damn near fell out of my chair! lol

Evel Dick Blogs About Ronnie:
To the weebles wabble shaped HG....
After less than 3 evictions...

you have cried for your wife, cried cause you were picked on and called a geek (if the shoe fits) and barricading yourself in the HOH to keep from crying....

And now, because you are swinging from Jesse's nutsack, you proclaim that you own that house....? You better thank whatever God geeks worship that I wasn't on your season, Pu**y... Or you'd be crying more than Amber & Bunky combined, begging them in the diary room to self evict.

Source: Evel Dick's Myspace Blog

The voting on for the Coup D’etat is finally fixed!! So go ahead & cast your vote for who you think should win the power of the Coup D’etat!!

What is the Coup D’etat?
Over the next two weeks, the winner of Coup D’etat will have the ability to overthrow the Head of Household and replace the nominations right before the August 6th or August 13th live show evictions. The winner of this power can only use it once and only the winner will know they have the power.

And last, but not least...
If you wanna watch Ross Mathews of Inside Dish interview Casey, then CLICK HERE!!

Sidenote: Nominations are today!!

Currently on the feeds...

10:38am BBT:
Feeds went to fishies, BB is most likely waking the HG's up for the day.
Russell has been up for a little bit. He made some coffee & was reading his letter
from home again in the HOH room while listening to his Red Hot Chilli Peppers CD.

**Whoa!! I just noticed that the blog has reached OVER 2 MILLION HITS!!Thanks, 'Addicted' blog fans!! You guys & gals are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

(I'm gonna think of a contest to have in celebration of the 2 million mark..hmmm what should I do! What should I give away? Feed passes? Cash? Hmm!! I'll think of something awesome!! ;-) )

10:58am BBT:

Feeds are back!! They played a wake up song that Russell said he loves.

Russell: "Thanks, Big Brother! I like that song alot."

Ronnie is up & heading towards the kitchen.
Jordan is up as well. She goes into the pool room & she accidently scared Lydia.

11:00am BBT:
Pool Room

Jordan: "Oh, sorry!"
Jordan asked Lydia for a pullover.

Jeff is up, getting something from the Storage Room.

11:07am BBT:

Jeff is cooking up a skillet full of stuff (looks like eggs, potatoes, bacon, and cheese.)

Ronnie is cooking up bacon strips in a frying pan.

11:30am BBT:

They're all playfully teasing Jordan for wanting to be nice & "fair" with picking the "Have Nots".
Jeff: "Fair?? These are the same people that keep putting your ass up on the block to go home! Enjoy some power for a change, Jordan!"
Everybody laughs. Chima calls Jordan "so cute".

11:34am BBT:
Lockdown is over! The HG's are now free to move inside & outside the house.

..maybe not. lol

11:47am BBT:
Outside lockdown. lol :P

Kevin: "Ooo! It's hot out."
Russell is talking about his hands being all tore up from the HOH comp last night.

Jeff is watering the garden, as Jordan swims in the pool.

Lydia is tanning.

11:56am BBT:
All other HG's are on the couchs in the shade, talking about last nights comp.

Russell: "It amazes me how they (BB) can come up with the ideas for the comp. Let's get a big diploma and hit them with it."

Chima: "Ya, as freezing water rains down at the same time. Give me my GED, I'm dropping out." (Chima/Russ laugh.)

Stay tuned...

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