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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House

At 12pm BBT, lockdown in the HOH ended.

12:14pm BBT:
Pool Room

Casey told Jeff to get in his bed (to stay out of the line of fire) because...

Casey: "I think I might f'k with this dude." (talking about Ronnie)

12:19pm BBT:
Casey is packing up his clothes. Still nothing with Ronnie (yet).

12:23pm BBT:
Russell is trying to look behind the glass to see production. BB tells him to "Stop that!" twice. lol

12:25pm BBT:
BB: "Russell! Knock it off!!"
Russell: "I'm washing my hands!" (ya, as a distraction so he could stare into the tinted glass. lol)

He must have saw himself on a monitor because he turned around to the camera & started making funny faces to us feed watchers. lol

12:30pm BBT:
Casey told Russ that if Ronnie falls asleep, he's gonna wake him up with pots & pans to make sure he's exhausted for the HOH comp. Russell thinks it's hilarious.

12:35pm BBT:
Jordan tells Casey that Ronnie looks like he's sleeping. Casey goes & looks, then heads into the pool room. Jeff is still in his bed, Jordan went into the room right before Casey.

12:37pm BBT:
Casey walks into the red room and barks real loud, waking Ronnie up. LOL Casey then leaves the room laughing to himself, and goes back into the kitchen area.

12:41pm BBT:
Casey gets a pot & metal spoon and goes into the red room. He bangs on the pot & wakes up Ronnie again. lol

Casey: "Just makin' sure you're okay."
Ronnie: "I'm fine!"
Casey: "Okay, I'll be back in a few minutes."

If you have the feeds, turn'em on! lol

12:52pm BBT:
Michele went into Red Room and Ronnie told her about the pots & pans thing.

Ronnie: "That's okay. He's only the worst player in BB history!" (Umm Ronnie...that's actually you. lol)

Ronnie is now making a total jackass out of himself, walking around like he doesn't care, but he totally does..doing things like laughing a little too hard, saying "he doesn't phase me!", etc etc. You get the idea.

Ronnie: "What time is it? Oh good, I only have another 5 hours before he's out of my life for good. Let's have a pizza party!!"

1:08pm BBT:
The DR told Natalie that the HG's don't need to waste their time making plastic bag outfits.

Stay tuned...

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