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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Evening in the BB House

Good evening, BB fans!! :-D Thanks for being patient, something came up unexpected that I had to handle. And for those of you wondering, my dog Bella is doing awesome! ;-) Thanks so much for the comments & emails! I really appreciate all of them!! :)

In my previous post, I ended it with the boys playing with the nerf ball. Well, Lydia went outside to tan and she got hit with the ball (it was Russell that hit her). She got pissed because she thought it was on purpose, and she went inside.

In other news, Russell asked Ronnie if he's been talking game to Lydia & Kevin (remember, he caught Ronnie talking to them last night but Ronnie doesn't know that Rus was listening at the door of the pool room where Kevin/Lydia/Ronnie were talking). He says no and the whole "I'd swear on a bible!" thing, etc etc. Ronnie is kinda lying, though. Ronnie told Lydia/Kevin that he's not an any alliance.

And last but not least, Jessie got his HOH camera & took some pics around the house at 1pm BBT (in case you wanna watch them on the flashback feeds later.)

As I mentioned earlier, if the HG's go into lockdown tonight, that's confirmation that tomorrows comp is gonna be an endurance comp...and guess what? At 7pm BBT, the lockdown began! ;-) Now let's see what the HG's are up to!

Currently on the feeds...

7:47pm BBT:
Red Room

J & J are playing Rock, Paper, Scissors (Jeff is losing), and of course being their cute selves. :)

7:47pm BBT:
HOH Room

Natalie & Jessie were talking about how Jessie sleeps all the time, but at least he's not always in the middle of drama. Jessie thinks that them (Nat/Jess) not being social might hurt them in the game.

Speaking of socializing...

7:54pm BBT:
Pool Room

Lydia is messing with an outfit she made out of garbage bags.
Jordan is messing around with Jeff's hair.

For the record, I'm totally not buying this whole 'We're friends now' bullshit between Lydia/Natalie. lol :P

Casey joins them in the room.

In the kitchen, Jessie is talking all kinds of healthy talk that I don't understand..talking about sweets/carbs, when to eat what, and why, etc etc.

8:12pm BBT:
Ughhh, all feeds still on Jessie teaching Michele everything about supplements, protiens, etc. (BB control room, please show us something else! lol)

8:29pm BBT:
Jessie still talking about carbs.

8:30pm BBT:

Random chit chat.

Ronnie just joined them, talking about Chima winning HOH tomorrow (ya right. lol)

Chima: "Ya! Make some enemies in here." (laughs)

Lydia is done making pants out of a garbage bag for Natalie to wear for the HOH Comp tomorrow.

Everybody loves them! Lydia is going to make a matching garbage bag hoodie for Nat.

Casey, Jordan, and Jeff are now in the kitchen area.

8:44pm BBT:
Red Room
Chima/Natalie just left to go to the red room..whispering starts.

They're talking about Casey trying to get votes to stay and how it's not happening.

Ronnie comes in and starts talking about his "awesome goodbye message" for Casey.

Ronnie said his goodbye message contains him calling Casey a hypocrite, etc. He's very pleased with himself.

9:06pm BBT:
Kitchen/Dinning Area

Everyone is sitting down & eating, or cooking food to eat soon. All HG's are actually mingling and having a nice quiet night together.

9:12pm BBT:
Casey went into the pool room, took off his banana suit and laid in bed.

At 9:15pm BBT, he got back up, made his bed, put the banana suit back on, and walked out of the room & joined the other HG's at the dinner table.

**And on that note, I'm outta here for the night. :) I'll be back in the morning with the O.R.! Also, don't forget that if you wanna watch tomorrow's HOH Endurance Comp (that is sure to last for HOURS), then you need to get the live feeds!! It's the only way to watch them live once the BB episode is over tomorrow night! G'night, ya'll! :-D

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Stay tuned...

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