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Monday, July 27, 2009

Morning in the BB House

At 8:00am BBT, the HG's were woken up by BB. Jessie & Lydia are dressed up in Kevin's clothes. Last night, Lydia dressed up like Kevin and Kevin said "I'm kinda getting turned on!" because she looked so much like a guy. lol :P

Currently on the feeds...

9:25am BBT:

Lydia: "Can I crawl into bed with you dressed like this?" (in Kevin's clothes)
Jessie: "NO!!"

9:30am BBT:
HG's are on Outside Lockdown.

The POV Ceremony should be starting very soon, and when it's over & Casey is the re-nom, I expect full drama on the feeds! As Casey said last night, he's going to "spill the pinto beans" after he knows for sure he's being backdoored.

9:33am BBT:
Lockdown is over, the HG's can go back inside. BB fixed the toliet in the main bathroom (it was clogged since last night).

Sidenote: Ronnie keeps saying that this weeks HOH comp is gonna be an endurance comp! If anybody knows this game, it's Ronnie. If you don't have the feeds yet, you might wanna get'em before Thursday so you can watch the (possible) endurance comp live!! Endurance comps lasts for HOURS..usually between 3-8 hours. Personally, they're my favorite thing to watch on the feeds! ;-)

9:47am BBT:

Workout Room

Kevin & Lydia are working Michele. They're telling how her how it would benefit her in the game to put up the athletes if she wins HOH this week. Michele said she wants Jeff gone, but secretly, Kevin & Lydia don't want Jeff to go (their targets are Natalie/Jessie/Russell).

Kevin tells her that she's a pawn, just like Lydia & himself are. And "in this game, pawns go home".

Kevin: "The athletes have the numbers and they're gonna keep dominating this game. Right now, whether you like it or not, you're on the same side of the house that Jeff & Jordan are on. So I don't know how bad your beef is with Jeff, but.."

Kevin is still working Michele, telling her that they need to commit for at least next week, if nothing else. They need to target Jessie/Natalie/Russell. Put up 2 athletes, if one wins the POV, put the other athlete up (as long as it's not Jeff).

Kevin: "Aren't you sick of being a pawn?"
Michele: "Ya."

Kevin & Lydia tell her that Ronnie is siding with Jessie & Co., and that she needs to make a move to their side of the house.

The Breakdown: Basically, for at least this week, Lydia/Kevin/Michele/Jeff/Jordan are now one team! This is assuming that Michele isn't lying to Lydia/Kevin, and Casey goes home. This is a power move to dismantle the athletes & 'Team Jessie'.

10:02am BBT:
The meeting with Michele is over. Lydia whispered to Kevin that they need to tell Jeff to "squash whatever beef him & Michele have", so that Michele feels comfortable working with them (Lydia/Kevin/Jordan/Jeff) this week.

10:03am BBT:

Pool Room

Kevin: "We need to convince Jeff & Jordan to put up the athletes."
Lydia: "Ya, because right now, they're like Ronnie, Ronnie Ronnie."

Jordan walks in the room 2 minutes later, Lydia/Kevin take the opportunity to talk to her about nominating the athletes (if she wins HOH this week).

Kevin: "..but be careful of what you tell Michele! She doens't know it's us 5. Make her feel confident that Jeff likes her. She thinks Jeff doesn't like her because of Ronnie."
Jordan: "Okay!"
Lydia: "Keep sticking with Jeff, I'll keep sticking with Kevin. Don't act all happy like Ronnie did, that will give it away."

10:20am BBT:
Backyard Couch

Casey said that things are gonna boil over after the POV ceremony is over, even though it won't help him now. Casey tells Jeff that Jessie told him yesterday "You didn't even come up here to talk to me, except that one time." Casey told Jessie "You were sleeping, so I let you sleep. I was being polite!".

Jeff: "When I win HOH and nominate Natalie & Jessie, I'm gonna be're on the block because that one day when you passed by me in the kitchen, you could have talked to me, but you didn't!"
Casey: "I pity them. They're sheep! They're sheep-ple. (Sheep+People) At least I get to go home to my beautiful wife. Ronnie has to go home to his fat wife."
Jeff: "Is that even his wife?"
They both laugh.

10:43am BBT:
Casey & Jeff are still talking. Jeff says he has to make a move in the game, otherwise he's a goner too. Everyone else is taking a nap.

Jeff: "I'd love to put Jessie on the block, because it would rattle this place and he would have to start scramblin'. I hope the HOH comp is an endurance comp."

Jeff is talking about how 'Team Jessie' came with up with a majority plan for an A/B/C comp (if it is a questions game, they would all answer A, then C, then B, etc etc. to get Jordan/Jeff out of the competition.)

11:01am BBT:
Jordan called into Diary Room (she was sleeping).
Jeff is outside by himself, smoking.
Everyone else is still napping. Very quiet all in the house.

11:05am BBT:
Jeff just got called to the diary room.

11:15am BBT:
Backyard Couches

Michele & Jeff are having a nice friendly chat. This is awesome, and neccessary, for the whole Lydia/Kevin/Jeff/Jordan/Michele alliance to be set in stone (even if it's just for this week). I'm still not sure where Michele's head is at, so who knows.

Michele told Jeff that she's not happy that the plan to backdoor Ronnie isn't in effect anymore, and she's pissed that she was used as a pawn. Michele goes on to say that she's tired of them (Team Jessie) saying Michele didn't win the POV, they "gave" it to her. She doesn't like the fact that she doesn't get credit for winning something.

Talk turns to how Team Jessie are gonna have to turn on each other at some point and they're not even thinking that far ahead.

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