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Monday, July 27, 2009

Evening in the BB House

Good evening, everyone! ;-) While I was away the past couple of hours, nothing too much happened in the BB house. The more I was thinking about the new "alliance" between Lydia/Kevin/Jeff/Jordan/Michele, the more I felt uncomfortable with it. Lydia is a double agent, Michele is unstable & also a double agent, Kevin is playing one hell of a game to further himself (and I can TOTALLY see him dumping Lydia the first chance he needs to & without even blinking). Luckily, Jeff & Jordan aren't placing their trust in the others (Kevin/Lydia/Michele), but they said they'll see what happens.

Okie dokie, let me fire up the feeds & see what's going on! ;-)

6:55pm BBT:
Jeff is eating in the kitchen.

Lydia is putting dishes away/cleaning.
Jessie is outside with Russell working out.
Natalie & Kevin are playing pool.

And for those of you who don't know, Kevin is reallllllllllly good at pool! H hustled Russell yesterday, twice. lol :P

7:10pm BBT:
Chima/Casey/Jeff roaming around the main bathroom.

Lydia & Jeff are in the kitchen now, Lydia is cooking up something. The house is rather calm right now.

8:07pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Casey is singing his banana suit song...

Casey: "BANANA SUIT..banana in a bannaaaannaa SUIT!!"
Jordan & Jeff are laughing. lol
Jeff: "Put Lil Wayne on that song and it'll be a hit."

Michele is working out (if you call it that lol) in the backyard, and Jeff just saw her & started laughing because she's doing a weird squatting thing. lol

8:40pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

They're flirting..and once again, it's really bad (and awkard) to watch. Chima is doing the classic hair flipping, higher-than-normal voice, laughing at things that aren't even funny, etc etc.

And on that note, I'm outta here. lol :P I'll see ya'll guys & gals back here in the morning!! :-D

Stay tuned...

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