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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Overnight Report

Gooood morning, ya'll! :-D Sorry for the late start, I had a little scare/emergancy over here (my dog ate some chocolate cake I baked the other day & had to call the vet). I didn't have time to put coffee on, so my brain is still kinda ughhh right now. lol :P

I dont have time for screencaps, so here are just the highlights of last night:

8:30pm BBT:
Ronnie by jaccuzi/Casey on BY Couch
Ronnie made a comment about how teachers shouldn't "go out clubbing" like Casey does. Casey says he's a DJ and that's his job and if he wants to take his wife out dancing, then he'll do so. Ronnie also commented that teachers shouldn't cuss.

8:52pm BBT:
Backyard Patio
Jordan/Jeff/Kevin walks out from the house
Jordan asks Kevin what's wrong because he looks sad. Kevin said that he doesn't think they can trust Michelle.

10:05pm BBT:
HOH Room
After coming up with a plan to cover their tracks (from saying Jessie is playing BB like a game of chess, w/ Natalie as the "Queen), Kevin goes to the HOH room and tells Jessie/Chima "their side of the story" (which was basically lying & blaming it all on Michele). Jessie & Chima both believed him.

10:21pm BBT:
Pool Room
Ronnie asks Lydia & Kevin if he can bother them for a while because he's bored, they say sure.

At 10:27pm BBT, Russell is now outside the door listening to their conversation. Casey soon joins Russell with listening
at the door. Talk turns to Lydia and Kevin bad mouthing Russell (perfect timing!)

Ronnie: "I will be honest with you, I'm not in any alliances!"
Russell looks shocked.

Lydia: "Russell is the only person in the house that really upsets me. His moves are calculated."
Jordan joins them @ 10:46pm BBT

10:48pm BBT:
Russell tells Natalie/Jessie about listening at the pool room door.
Russell lies and says that Ronnie was "throwing them all under the bus".

10:52pm BBT:
Casey/Lydia/Kevin/Jeff (Jordan goes in & out of the house)

Ronnie by pool table/door. Casey and Ronnie are talking/disagreeing.

Ronnie: "Im not arguing with you Casey, I would ultimately win the argument."
Casey: "Because you are right? And the things you do? You can spin it Ronnie but it doesnt make it right because you say its right!"
Ronnie: "I didnt say that, thats your terminology."
Casey: "And I called you a dork cause you wore a dork shirt."
Ronnie: "I wasn't wearing the shirt that day, your memory fails you yet again." (insert perma-frown picture here. lol)
Casey: "And I wasn't the only one standing there, just so you know.. and maybe these two (Kevin/Lydia)...are you guys buying what he's selling?"
Ronnie: "I'm not selling anything."
Casey: "Good luck guys, wish you the best." (to Kevin & Lydia)

Lydia joins in, yelling at Casey and saying he didn't "hear everything" that was said in the room, he only heard part of something. She storms into the house, slams the backyard door.

11:08pm BBT:
Natalie/Jessie/Chima all are talking, They think Russell is lying about Ronnie throwing Team Jessie under the bus.

11:27pm BBT:

HOH Room
Ronnie tells Jessie that Lydia (during the pool room convo) was trying to pump him for information.

11:43pm BBT:
HOH Room

Ronnie starts telling Russ about the Pool Room talk (not knowing Russ was there eavesdropping & Russ acting like he doesn't know anything)

12:52am BBT:
Lydia confronts Nat about why she cant hang w/Jessie, they fight, then both make a deal to not gun for each other this week, they shake hands.

4:05am BBT:
Workout Room
While giving Jessie a back massage, Lydia tells him that Kevin is pissed at Russell for "stirring shit up" and that Kevin has caught Russell in a few lies. Jesse asked Lydia who Kevin would he put up (if he won HOH this week), she says "I dont know, you'd have to ask him."

Okay, time to start the morning post! :D

Stay tuned...

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