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Friday, July 31, 2009

Overnight Report

Good morning, everyone! :-D Just a quick note to let ya'll know that I'm working on the Overnight Report.

Okay, so the jist of last night is that it appears that Russell is going to target Ronnie this week. He'll most likely put up Ronnie/Lydia.

The theme of last night was:
1) Jessie freaking out that he's on slop AND he could very well go home this (the same week he went home last season.)
2) The honeymoon with Jessie/Natalie is over (fighting/bickering)..amazing how they act when they don't have any power.
3) Members of 'Team Jessie' worried that they could be nom'ed.

There was alot of talk about how bad the comp was...sore butts, circulation being cut off, the cold rain giving frost bite, etc. This took up about 75% of the night's conversations, so I'll spare you guys & gals. lol

11:50pm BBT:
Red Room

Houston! We have lift off!! ;-)

Jordan & Jeff smooched! It was more than a peck, but less than a full throttle passionate kiss (that will probably happen when they get the HOH room to themselves).

11:53pm BBT:
HOH Room

Russell got his HOH room late last night.

He got a letter that included hello's from various family members, including his father who just recently had surgery.

12:34am BBT:
Main Bathroom

Russ was getting ready to take a shower when ratboy tried to approach him to "talk" and to make sure he's safe this week.

Russell told Ronnie "We're good", but then motions like he's masturating when he leaves. lol So this is a GREAT sign that Russell will indeed keep his word.

12:40am BBT:
HOH Room

They all think Ronnie is America's favorite....hold on a second while I stop laughing.....okay, all better. lol ;-) Anyways, so they think Ronnie will get the Coup D'├ętat power and Jordan said that if that's true, then she's toast. (Don't worry Jordan, you're not going anywhere this week.)

1:32pm BBT:
HOH Room
Russell said that he’ll honor his deal with Jeff’s and put up Ronnie with someone else, either Lydia, Kevin, or Michele. It's most likely gonna be Lydia/Ronnie that get nom'ed, with Ronnie as this weeks #1 target.

**Sidenote: If that's true, and the noms stay the same after pov, then Jeff/Jordan would be safe this week AND be safe next week.

1:40am BBT:
Main Bathroom

Ronnie was telling Jeff that whoever wins the coup d'├ętat, will most likely know by Sunday.

Chima thinks it'll be within 24 hours, Ronnie disagrees with her.

And to top of the evening...

3:50am BBT:
Red Room

A quick goodnight smooch, initiated by Jeff. :)

Jordan then says goodnight & sleeps in her own bed...3 feet away from his. lol

This concludes the Overnight Report! ;-)
Time for a morning post!! :-D

Stay tuned...

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