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Monday, July 27, 2009

Overnight Report

Gooood morning, everyone!! :-D I have my iced coffee by my side (yayy!) and I have already started on the Overnight Report, shouldn't be too much longer before I post it.

Overnight Report:
The Margarita Party was kind of a bust, due to Natalie. Everyone later commented that she was the party pooper and really made the party a drag. She told them BB told her she can't drink (remember, she's still telling people she's only 18).

Jeff told Casey he might go up (he heard this from Jordan, who heard it from Lydia earlier in the day.)

9:11pm BBT:

Casey walked up to the HOH landing, where Jessie was playing chess.

He tried to talk to Jessie, but Jessie told him he wanted to finish the chess game first & then they would talk.

9:25pm BBT:

Backyard Couch

Casey is PISSED. He's smoking like a chimney and confused on why on earth he would be put up. He hasn't said anything bad about Jessie, he hasn't done anything...then he thinks it's either because he's a threat (physically) in the game, or because other HG's are running up to Jessie and telling him Casey is 'talking shit'. (The real reason? Because Natalie wants him gone & Jessie is her little puppet.)

Casey says he will "be nice" with Jessie during their up-coming convo, but if he is the re-nom tomorrow, he's gonna "spill the pinto beans!" and start going off on people about their lies, their secrets..everything!

9:35pm BBT:

Michele talking to Jessie. She told him she thinks Ronnie should go up, he's a bigger threat. Jessie said "That's not what you told me the other night!" They go back & forth on the topic, Jessie telling her that they have the votes to get Casey out already.

9:43pm BBT:
HOH Room
Casey asked if he was going up..

Jessie: "The right man will go home."
Casey: "Is that me?"
Jessie: "The right man will go home."

Casey said he though they (Jessie/Casey) had a deal..the deal was from week 1. Jessie kinda dances around everything and for the most part listens to Casey. Casey tells him that it's stupid to keep Ronnie and he hopes Jessie is smarter is than that. The convo continues, with Jessie looking like he could care less what Casey says.

10:52pm BBT:


Here it is, Jordan & Jeff fans!! The first *OFFICIAL* kiss!! Okay, so it's just a quick kiss on the lips, not a full blown one..but don't worry, it's coming! ;-)

And Jordan ends it with a nice butt grab. lol ;-)

12:20am BBT:


Ladies & Gents...they are now united!! They are a team of 4. :)

Lydia said she wants Natalie out..BAD!!! Kevin echoed her statement. Jordan & Jeff say "at least now we all have a shot [at winning HOH]." They swear they will not put each other up.

And this concludes your Overnight Report! ;-) The HG's are awake, so let me start the Morning post!!

Stay tuned...

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