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Thursday, July 30, 2009

*LIVE* Endurance Comp

**NOTE: My server is getting slammed right now, so some images may not appear sometimes. Hang tight!! It'll be back to normal soon! :)**

At 6:08pm BBT, the feeds are still on Trivia! As soon as they come back, I will start posting pics of what's going on! :-D

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(Feeds went back to trivia..)

6:35pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!! Still only Kevin out.

(Sounded like one of the females was puking..)

Jessie: "Focus on one thing, Natalie!"

Somebody is definitley puking..alot!!! (I think it's Natalie)

**Feeds back to trivia..production is probably cleaning up the puke. lol
6:47pm BBT:
Trivia still on feeds...

Feeds are back! (should be for good, now!)


To Recap:
Ronnie/Lydia/Kevin/Natalie are out.

6:58pm BBT:
THe HG's are now spinning around & getting rained on.

Ronnie: "Good job, Chima..Good job!!"
Jessie: "They're getting pounded (with rain)!"

7:02pm BBT:
Nobody else out yet.

Jessie: "This comp is crazy. I'm not happy, but..."
Michele took off her shoes because it was cutting off her circulation.

7:13pm BBT:
Nobody else has dropped yet...

Chima: "I will never go on another swing, again. Ever!"

The HG's are swinging again & more rain is being poured.

Somebody is puking...a female...


Kevin won the $5,000.
(The 1st 5 houseguests to drop, got to pick a "graduation present". Kevin picked the one with the $5,000 in it.)

7:36pm BBT:
Chima/Jeff/Russell/Michele are the only ones left.

Chima: "My ass is about to break off!"
Jeff: "And you have such small ass, too."
Chima laughs.

Chima is getting knocked around like a rag doll! She even flipped over once, damn near falling off. I'm really surprised she didn't.

7:53pm BBT:
Jeff/Russell/Chima/Michele are still in it!!

Chima is still complaining about her ass hurting.

Michele keeps saying "Oww." when getting hit with the foam 'diploma' thing.

8:02pm BBT:
Looks like Michele is in alot of pain.

8:06pm BBT:
Michele is moaning painful moans. She's obviously in alot of pain.

Natalie: "Good job Michele! Keep holding on!"

8:08pm BBT:
Michele is about to fall any minute. She's in a ton of pain.

It's still Russell/Jeff/Michele/Chima.

8:11pm BBT:

It's now down to only: Michele/Russell/Jeff.

(Jeff & Russell look like they can hang there forever. Michele won't last much longer, I don't think.)

8:25pm BBT:
Still Jeff/Russell/Michele.

Ronnie & Lydia keep saying "Good job, Michele!"

8:30pm BBT:

Final 2: Russell & Jeff!!!

Jessie does not look happy.

8:42pm BBT:
Still Jeff & Russell

Russell just pissed himself.

"Yes, I'm peeing. Sorry Mike O.! I know you gotta clean that shit up. It's keeping me warm."
(Mike O. is the production guy for the comps)
Jordan: "Oh my gosh! I didn't even know you were peeing!"

8:46pm BBT:

Jeff & Russell are now spinning in rain, getting hit with the foam diploma. Both are looking strong!

8:52pm BBT:
Still Jeff & Russell!

Russell apparantly flipped off production. Lydia said it was because "they were trying to hit him with the diploma." (the feeds were on fishies, I didn't see it happen.)

9:00pm BBT:
Russ & Jeff are trying to strike a deal. Jeff really doesn't want to, but he thinks they will both be up there all night.

The boys tell EVERYBODY to go inside the house & close the door so that they can talk. Alone.

Jeff: "My word is good too, man!"
Russell: "I just want a letter from my pops."
Jeff: "Wanna rock/paper/scissors it?"
Russell: "I can't, I'll just hang here. I just can't...I just want the letter."
Jeff: "I want the same shit, man! But I'm too low on the pole to just give it up. But no matter what, you're not going up."
Russell: "I appreciate it. Same here, too."
Jeff: "We're gonna kill ourselves up here, man!"

9:09pm BBT:
Nothing but silence. The boys don't strike a deal, the comp continues! They're swinging, getting rained on, and getting hit with the foam diploma.

Jordan is back outside.
Jordan: "You doin' okay, Jeff."
Jeff: "...yep."

Talk between the boys again.
Russell: "I wanna get my dads letter, man."
Jeff: "Wanna rock/paper/scissors it?"
Russell: "No. I can stay up here all night."
Jeff: "Me too, man. We're gonna be up here all night."

Jordan: "Play it out, Jeff."
Jeff: "You f'king play it out!" (everyone laughs)

The foam diploma is starting to fall apart. Big chunks are falling/peeling off.

Russell said he's gonna shit himself shortly. (oh boy. lol)

9:23pm BBT:
Russell looks more uncomfortable then Jeff.
Jeff asks everyone to go back inside again so that they can talk.
Before Jordan leaves, she tells Jeff "I think you guys should just play it out!"
Jeff: "Jordan, go inside!"
Russell SWEARS ON HIS DAD that him & Jordan are safe.

Jeff drops.
Russell is the new HOH.

9:26pm BBT:
Natalie comes out.
Natalie: "Is it over? Who won??"
Jeff: "Russell."

Sidenote: The blog is up/down because my server is getting slammed right now.

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