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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Overnight Report (+Contest Winners!!!)

Goooood morning, everybody! :D I'm in the middle of getting the Overnight Report for ya'll, so keep checking back! Also, the winners of yesterdays contest will be announced right here! ;-)

11:55pm BBT:
HOH Room

Russell and Michele talked about being an alliance together. They agree to take each other as far as they can. (Russ has a ton of Final 2 deals at this point. He's using his HOH to his advantage, that's for sure!)

Is this the beginning of a 4 person alliance?? Hmm!!!

Russell: "I don't trust anyone besides Jeff and Jordan. And you." Michele: "I know, it's nice. We have a foursome!"

Remember, yesterday Jeff/Jordan/Michele all talked about being in an alliance, and Russell/Jeff talked Final 2 talk. This very well could be the real deal! But then again, Michele is involved in it. So who knows. lol :P

Talk turns to Chima. Russell thinks she's diggin' on him. Michele thinks she's using him. Their convo lasted until 2am. They really bonded over stories of their personal lives, past, and etc.

12:12am BBT:
Workout Room

Kevin says he needs a good excuse to end his "contract" with Jess. (He wants out of 'Team Jessie' but doesn't wanna be targeted for leaving.) Kevin said that "something is not right" right now, and I don't know what it is." (Ya, Jess/Nat/Chima wanna get rid of Lydia over Ronnie this week. If he found out, that'd be enough to end his "contract" with Jessie! ;-) )

2:31am BBT:
HOH Room

Russell told Jessie and Natalie that Michele is leaving the nominations as they are, and that he "told" her to do that. So if she does something different, then she must be aligned with Ronnie.

2:54am BBT:
Main Bathroom

Natalie told Ronnie that he basically doesn't have the votes to stay.(Yayyyy!! lol)
She tells him that Michele isn't gonna use the veto & she's not gonna vote to keep him.

2:57am BBT:
HOH Room

Ronnie apologized to Russell for swearing on the bible when he was lying & literally cried. (It's all fake, though.)

Sidenote: Ya'll are gonna wanna watch this on the flashback feeds. It's priceless!! ;-)

Ronnie told Russell that he'd do anything to stay in the game. Russell dismisses everything. Ronnie is a goner.

3:58am BBT:
Backyard Couch

Ronnie is desperately trying to get Michele to vote for him to stay. He's telling her to look at the pro's & con's of everything. Michele is unphased.

And this concludes your Overnight Report! ;-)

Now it's time to reveal the Winners of the Contest!! :D

To keep it totally fair, I used an online random number generator. And the number that was picked was...

Lucky number 213!!

1 person got it exactly right, & two people guessed 214.

The 3 Winners of Contest 1 are:
*Michelle Eckerd (guessed 213)
*Audrey K (guessed 214)
*Beth Robberson (guessed 214)

I'll be sending you an email very shortly!!

I put all the names in a hat (which was surprisingly time consuming! lol) and drew a name.

The 1 Winner of Contest 2 is:

Joanna Poli

CONGRATS, Joanna!! :-D I'll also be sending you an email shortly!!

Thank you to EVERYONE who has entered & thank you for being awesome fans of the blog! It is my pleasure to be able to give back to ya'll!!!

I'll be starting the Morning Report shortly! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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