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Monday, August 3, 2009

Afternoon/Evening in the BB House

After I finished my dinner, I came online to get updated on what has happened in my absence. Come to find out that I really didn't miss's stuff that has been repetitive all day.

Things in the house are starting to be repetitious. Paranoia, Ronnie trying to get votes, the Chima/Russell saga, Jessie complaining about being on slop, the whole Lydia/Natalie/Jessie love hate triangle, the Wizard power...Wash.Rinse.Repeat.

3:39pm BBT:

Workout Room

To say that Jeff & Jordan are paranoid, would be an understatement. But who can blame them? They have been burned over & over again, and still they try to put their trust in HG's that they feel are trustworthy, only to have them f**k them over. So it's no wonder why they're paranoid of Russell & Michele (more Russell than Michele, though). All the paranoia is getting to Jeff & he's been a little moody today towards Jordan, so he apologizes to her. She accepts. All is well between the two love birds again.

Jeff also made a comment that I couldn't agree more with...

Jeff: "They [Team Jessie] act like they're doing Big Brother a favor by being in here & they're really rude [to production]. This is a
once in a lifetime experience, ya know? We should feel privileged to even BE HERE! Not the other way around."

A-freakin-MEN, Jeff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The worse of the offenders is Natalie by a mile. She does whatever she wants, when she wants, and makes little smart-ass remarks all the time, such as "Ya gotta keep on top of their asses [production] if you wanna get what you want!", "No big brother, I'm not doing that! It's not fair!!", and added on the list as of today @ 4:40pm...

BB: "Natalie! Please do not obstruct your microphone."
Natalie: "I'm not f'in talkin! I'm laying down."

BB should kick her out for acting like a spoiled immature ungrateful little brat. If it's *that bad* in the house for her, then she should get out and let someone who REALLY wants to be there..BE THERE! It's an honor, not a chore.

Okay, my rant is over. lol :P
Moving on...

If anyone cares, Ronnie told Russell...
Ronnie: "If i stay, I'm not coming after you."
Russell pretty much blew him off.

4:22pm BBT:
HOH Room

Russell did some more 'Chima is annoying me' bashing. This time, it was to Michele.

5:15pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Jeff & Michele were talking about how Russell is 'the new Ronnie' (not the first time I've heard that expression from a HG or two this season). They think that Russell is making up stories to pin everyone against each other.

They all trade their stories of what has been said...and to be honest, I'm soooooo dizzy (literally) from all the he said/she said the past 48 hours, I really don't know who's telling the truth and who's mind is playing tricks on them. I'll be glad when the week is over, that's for sure!! lol :-P

So here's the breakdown:
*Nobody trusts anybody
*Everybody thinks everybody is lying
*Nobody is sure of their "alliance" with other HG's
*There's a bunch of he said/she said stuff

Classic BB, but intensified times 1,000. lol
Oh, and Michele told Jeff/Jordan she has a PhD.

Phewww! Now let's take a look at the feeds, shall we?

Currently on the feeds...

6:22pm BBT:

Michele just went inside, and Russell starts with the paranoia..and Jordan has had enough.

Russell: "What were you two [Michele/Jordan] whispering about?"
Jordan: "About literature. Rus, you're paranoid."
Russell: "No I'm not."
Jordan: "Yes you are! Because you're being snippy at me, and I can tell. Look, trust whoever you want to trust. Just look at actions. Stop listening to Jessie & them, they're making you paranoid! I know you trust Jeff, but you need to trust me and Michele."
Russell: "I DO trust Jeff!"
Jordan: "Ronnie is going home. It's over!"
Russell: "Its not over! Kevin could flip & vote for Ronnie to stay."
Jordan: "Why would he vote his own partner out?"
Russell: "Because he knows Lydia can't & won't take him to the end. So don't tell me it's over because it's not."

Things between Jordan & Russell are okay, they were just talking things out.

Michele comes back outside & tells Russell that they all need earplugs "in this place because of how much bullshit is floating around."

6:27pm BBT:
Jordan/Michele start working out together.

...and Jessie is shaving his legs.

7:17pm BBT:
Michele & Jordan are still working out.
Brat & Rat are playing pool. (Nat/Ron)
Jessie is still shaving his legs. :-/

**Okay, ya'll...I'm outta here for the night! See ya in the morning! ;)

Stay tuned...

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