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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Evening in the BB House

Yayyy!! :D Jeff won the Coup d'etat and FINALLY this game will be flipped upside down! I'm also very happy to see rat boy gone (I don't think I could have taken one more day of him in that house. lol) Hopefully Natalie or Jessie don't win the POV so that they can both be nominated & the house would have literally only have a couple of minutes to vote out the 'Queen' or 'King'. Ooooohh the suspense is KILLIN' me..and it's only Thursday!!!!!!!! LOL ;-)

Currently on the feeds...

I just turned my feeds on and this is what I heard...

6:25pm BBT:

Main Bathroom

Lydia: "I bet me & Jordan will go up."
Jeff: "Jordan's not going up! She better not be!"

Lydia is washing off her black eye makeup.
Jeff just left.
Jordan walks in, Lydia tells her what she just told Jeff, then said that 'no, I bet Russell is goin' up.

Jordan & Michele talked about the comp and how they did good in it until the end.

6:35pm BBT:
Red Room

Jeff: "We're not going up!"
Jordan: "I've already prepared myself."
Jeff: "Don't even talk like that! Why wouldn't Russell go up?"
Jordan: "No, they're cool now."
Jeff: "NO THEY'RE NOT!!"

Jeff: "WE'RE SAFE!! I think we're safe."
(It's killin' Jeff that he can't tell Jordan to chill out because she is truly safe this week.)

Jordan: "I think Michele has the mystery power.
Jeff: "Next week, you're gonna win HOH."
Jordan: "Or you!"
Jeff: "We're gonna be fine." (smiles at Jordan)

Talk turns to how Jeff hates that Lydia is still friends with Jessie.
Jeff: "People don't understand that Jessie is gonna win this f'ing game if they don't get him out!"

Sidenote: Jeff will most def. be putting Jessie's butt up on the block, as long as Jessie doesn't win POV this week.

6:49pm BBT:
Jordan gets up & goes to her own bed.
Jeff: "Jordan! What's wrong? Stressing out?"
Jordan: "Yes."
Jeff: "Think positive!"
Jordan: "I AM!"

The live feeds auto-switch to....

6:52pm BBT:
Kitchen/Dinning Room

Natalie is going back by the Red Room to see if she can hear anything that Jeff/Jordan/Michele are saying. Natalie goes back to the kitchen to report to Jessie/Chima/Russell.

(It's rather hilarious to watch, knowing what could happen next Thursday. False confidence.)

Russell thinks Kevin got the Coup d'etat, Jessie says it's either Jeff or Jordan...more Jordan, than Jeff.

7:04pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Lydia: "You're a good actor. You have it." (Coup d'etat)
Jeff: "I have it? I wish! What makes me a good actor?"

Lydia says that if Jeff is in the Final 2, he has her vote since he voted to keep her in the house this week.
Jeff: "Final 2? I'm gonna need alot more help for right now (to stay in the game)."

**I'll be right back, have to take Miss. Bella for a walk. ;-)
7:29pm BBT: I'm back!!

7:29pm BBT:

Natalie said that Chima will put up Lydia & Michele.
Jessie said he thinks Jordan has the coup d'etat.
Natalie: "Even though I feel safe, I don't. Ya know?" (because of the coup d'etat.)

7:44pm BBT:
Red Room

They talk about how they think has the 'wizard power'. Chima said Jeff, then Natalie said's either Michele, Kevin, or Jordan. They go through a series of 'what if' situations. Chima said that she's putting up either Kevin/Lydia/Michele/Russell..everybody else is safe.

7:56pm BBT:
Convo continues...
Natalie: "If you think Russell will put you up next week, then put him up. If you don't, then don't nominate him."
Chima: "Me & Russ will have a heart to heart conversation (in the HOH room)."

Jessie enters.

Jessie has it figured it out...kinda.
Jessie: "What's gonna f*ckin' happen is, I'm not gonna up, [Kevin] is gonna use the power and put ME up, and they have the votes to get out whoever they doesn't matter who's up! They can send whoever the f*ck they want home! I think either Kevin or Jordan has it."

Sidenote: Jessie is stressing..BIG TIME!!!! Reminds me of how he was last season. lol

Chima: (joking) "Maybe I'll put both of you up (Jess/Nat), then the power won't get used."

8:17pm BBT:

Red Room

Talk of the Have/Have Not's comp tomorrow. They wonder what kind of comp it's gonna be.

A blog fan just posted this in the comments section & I want to share it:
"What would be the best moment ever is if Jeff does get to nominate Jessie and Natalie and the vote is a tie. Seeing Chima have to pick between her two partners, knowing she is sending one of them to the jury house hating her, would be HIGH-larious!!"-Mandy


8:34pm BBT:
'Team Jessie' still in the Red Room talking. (Kevin just left.)
Jessie is still freaking out. lol :P

Jessie: "Just remember that if I f*ckin' go home, it's not because of how I played the game, it's because of some f*ckin' magical wizard power!!"

8:42pm BBT:
Red Room
Jessie is still pissed/freaking out...knowing his game might be coming to an end.

Jessie: "F*ck it. I don't f*ckin' care. At least I f*ckin' made it past f*ckin' week f*ckin' 4 this time!"
(Every other word is the "f" word, I'm not kidding. lol)

He keeps calling Kevin a "douche", "douchebag", and even "dork". (He thinks Kevin has the Coup d'etat.) He has literally called Kevin (to Russell) a "douchebag" at leasst 20 times in the past 5 minutes.

8:52pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Natalie is basically telling Jeff/Jordan that whoever has the Coup d'etat (she thinks Jeff or Jordan has it), that they would have a HUGE target on their back next week if they used it & changed the nominations. She's basically threatning them, without being direct about it.

Natalie: "Why would you wanna switch shit around & create enemies for next week?"
Jeff: "If I had it, I'd turn some shit around!"

Jeff is playing dumb VERY WELL! He says he doesn't even know what the wizard is...can you evict one person? Can you just take yourself off the block? etc etc.

Now Natalie is kissing their asses & blowing smoke up their asses.
Natalie: "You guys aren't on the bottom anymore!"
Jeff: (laughing) "What-ever."

Jeff tells Natalie to "watch her ass" because people that hang outside usually go home. (lol) He names Braden/Casey/Laura.

**Alrighty, ya'll. It's 12am EST and that means that BB: After Dark is on Showtime! I'm gonna go watch it & then pass out for the night. If you wanna watch Jessie freak out all night, Chima get her HOH room & enjoy her false HOH powers, and Jordan/Jeff get closer, then get the live feeds!! Without Ronnie in the house, they are VERY enjoyable to watch!! lol ;-) G'dnight!!

Stay tuned...

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