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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Late Morning/Early Afternoon in the BB House

Today is the POV Comp & boy oh boy, are the HG's gonna be battling it out BIG TIME!!

POV Players were already picked:

*Jeff (choosen by Russell)

Natalie told Jessie that if Russ comes off the block from Jeff winning the POV, then Jordan's going up. Chima doesn't think he'll try to win the POV if Jeff does in fact have the Coup d'etat.

Lydia told Kevin that if she wins HOH next week, she's gonna put up Chima/Natalie. Kevin suggested that Lydia keep that just between them (Lyd/Kev), because if word got around, it could bite her in the ass.

Russell told Jeff that by picking him (Jeff) to play in the POV Comp today, that it was a big slap in the face to Jessie.

Jessie is PISSED that he can't play in the POV, and he knows he is royaly f*cked right now. Playing in the POV was his ONLY shot. I think it's pretty safe to say 'bye bye Jessie' at this long as the votes are in place, that is.

Currently on the feeds...

11:20am BBT:
All around the house.

Chima is fussing in the kitchen.

Natalie just took a shower.

Russell is laying down.

Kevin & Lydia are sleeping in the Workout Room.

11:27am BBT:

Chima: "The problem (with everybody sleeping during the day) is that we're all night owls. Then we get woken up so damn early in the morning. No wonder why everybody sleeps during the day. All the good shit happens at night!" (laughs)

Jordan/Jeff are still sleeping..Michele is up.

BB just woke EVERYBODY up and told them to get their butts ready for the POV Comp. They all go to the living room, waiting to be called into the Diary Room one by one for their pre-comp messages.

Jeff is sluggish. Lydia comes out into the living room shivering...
Lydia: "Can't we turn off the freakin' A/C in here?!!"
Kevin also looks cold & is drinking a protein shake.
Natalie is in the living room as well.

Jeff: "You're all dolled up for the POV comp!"
Natalie: "Me? I'm not dolled up.."
Jeff: "You changing clothes is being dolled up." (lol)

At 11:41am BBT, we have TRIVIA on the feeds!! :-D

1:45pm BBT:

Still trivia on the feeds!!

Pss..if you already read the Overnighter, read the first part again. I forgot to add the very first paragraph (ya'll must think I was off my rocker this morning! hahaha!) It's been added! :D

(Keep Refreshing)

Stay tuned...

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