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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House

Since the HG's woke up late, there wasn't much for the "morning" report. lol :P So let's start the Afternoon post, shall we? ;-)

Currently on the feeds...

1:00pm BBT:


They're playing basketball in the pool. I can't help but to think this is really all about Michele bonding with Jeff since their discussion of a 4 person alliance: Michele/Jeff/Jordan/Russell.

1:02pm BBT:

Chima & Russell are fussin' in the kitchen, as Ronnie tells them the story about Season 2's Justin holding a knife to Krista's neck when they were really drunk. (Ronnie is explaining why BB doesn't give HG's enough alcohol to get fully drunk anymore).

Note: It's also the reason why HG's only have plastic utensils now. lol :P

Sidenote: Ronnie knows he's mostly likely going home. The votes are against him. He would need Michele or Kevin to vote for him to stay, which is not gonna happen. As it stands right now, the votes to EVICT Ronnie are: Kevin/Michele/Jeff/Jordan. (Only Natalie/Jessie/Chima want him out.)

1:25pm BBT:
Nothing much going home. Random convo inside & outside the house. Michelle, Lydia, Russell and Jeff are all having a blast playing basketball in the pool. Russell almost hit his head on the side of the pool again and BB told him to "Knock it off!!"

2:30pm BBT:
Russell/Michele/Jeff just spent some time in the backyard ripping on Ronnie. Michele wants to fast forward through the week so that he can be gone already. They all compare lies & stories.

All fired up, Russell is about to go off on Ronnie. (I'll let ya'll know if he does! lol)

**Okie dokie guys & gals, I'm gonna take a break. Nothing much to report the past couple of hours. :P Be back in an hour or so!!

4:02pm BBT:

Jessie tried lying to Russell by saying that Michele is gonna save Ronnie (not true), but she's not gonna use the veto (that part is true, Russell is happily aware of that fact by now). Jessie throws Michele under the bus by saying that Michele is pressuring them to keep Ronnie. (soooo not true!).

Natalie said that Michele will be the only vote for Ronnie, but they are all going to stay with what Russell wants. (So I'm guessing either Natalie or Jessie will be that 1 vote & blame it on Michele.)

Thankfully, Russell has a brain & he didn't fall for any of their crap. lol :P If you think about it, Nat/Jess lying to him (Russ) might have strengthened the alliance between Michelle/Russell/Jordan/Jeff. It seems, more & more, that Nat/Jess/Chima are on their own now.

4:22pm BBT:
As I mentioned yesterday, Kevin was seen "pounding down grapes". So after BB confirmed it via audio tapes, they put him on an extra day of slop. By the way, it was Natalie who ratted him out. Only Jessie knows that.

5:38pm BBT:
HOH Room

I don't know about ya'll, but I could sure get used to seeing these two in the HOH room!! :D

They're talking about game. Jeff wants Jessie out BAD! He said that if they got Natalie out first (instead of Jessie) then Lydia would cling to Jessie and team up. And without Jessie in the house, Natalie would be like "a lost dog" in the house.

Jeff: "Without Jessie here, we could probably take control (of the house)."
Jordan: "We gotta win the next 2 HOH's."
Jeff: "We haven't won shit so far, and you think we're gonna win the next 2 HOH's in a row?" (lol)
Jeff goes to the bathroom.
Jeff: "Did you take a poop up here yet?"
Jordan: "I don't know, I might have."
Jeff: "Have you weighed yourself?"
Jordan: (giggles) "NO!"
Jeff: "Whoa! I weigh 185 pounds."

6:01pm BBT:
Jeff/Jordan are being cute. They're playing with the HOH camera remote control.
Jeff: "When does this get boring? Because I'm having a pretty good time with it."
Jordan has the giggles & they're joking back and forth. :P

6:05pm BBT:
Main Bathroom
Jessie/Lydia (Michele passed through real quick.)
Jessie 'did' Lydia's hair, so Lydia did his hair. She made it look goofy & they did some playful flirting.

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