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Monday, August 3, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House (+Veto Ceremony Spoiler!)

At 12:14pm BBT, the feeds went to trivia, which means the Veto Ceremony is underway!! Will Michele use the veto to save Ronnie or Lydia? Hiiiighhhllly doubtful. She wants Ronnie gone, and as it stands right now, Ronnie is one foot out the door with votes.

As soon as the feeds come back, I'll let ya'll know what happened!

The Veto was....


Bye bye, Ronnie. :P

Natalie: (to Ronnie, alone in the kitchen) "Keep trying to work it from every angle."

Michele said "I'm gonna use the Power of Veto on....nobody. Natalie is pissed that she (Michele) stole 'her' line.

**I'll be right back, guys. I gotta make a couple phone calls real quick.

Okay, while I was gone for a few minutes, here's what happened:
*Natalie told Chima she's really 24. This makes only Jessie/Chima to know her real age. She also mentioned that she has a Bachelors degree.
*Natalie said she only trusts Jessie/Chima/Ronnie in the house.
*Lydia told Kevin that Jordan will use guys to float her along in the game & that she won't stand up for anything. Kevin was silent & changed subject.
*Chima/Natalie talked about Russ & how she likes him but she can't trust him because he talking bad about her. ('re doing the same thing. lol)

Currently on the feeds...

1:47pm BBT:
Red Room

Ronnie tells the girls that the 'Wizard' power won't be handed out until Weds. or Thurs.

2:06pm BBT:

Jessie is telling them that there's 2 months left for everyone (those that end up in the Jury House). He said before, when he got voted out at week 4, he went back to normal life. Those that made it to the jury house would call him in the middle of the night drunk & saying "remember when.." and Jessie didn't care because to him that was so long ago, but for the jury house members it was still fresh in the minds.

2:13pm BBT:

Jordan & Jeff think that Russell/Jessie are actually close, despite what Russell says. They're paranoid about Russ not being on 'their' side as much as he claims he is.

Feeds auto-switch to...
2:15pm BBT:

Natalie is telling Russell to be "the bigger man" and go appologize to Chima. He says he won't do it because he didn't do shit. (which is true lol) Then talk turns to getting Lydia out this week.

Natalie: "Ronnie isn't coming after you!
Russell: "Yes he is! Lydia can't beat me at shit. Ronnie needs to go."
Natalie is reallllly pushing Russell to vote Lydia out, she's 'barking' at him. Russell is getting irritated and says "I don't care! Ronnie is gone this week. I'll deal with Lydia any other time."
They part ways on decent terms though.

2:21pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Jordan "feels something" happening in the house, but she doesn't know what "it" is. Kevin says he feels it too, but doesn't think it involves them (Jordan/Kev).

Jordan: "I think somebody knows they're the 'Wizard' and acting cocky. They gotta knowwww by now, right?"
Kevin: "For suuure!"

2:27pm BBT:

Russell was complaining about Chima again. Talk turns to Michele's job via Russell's curiosity.

2:30pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

(Jeff just left, I think he went tanning? Can't see him, he's not on any of the cameras at the moment.)

More talk about the 'Wizard' power. Talk switches to Jordan asking if Chima is mad at her. Kevin said no. Chima & Lydia are pissed because there's lies going around that Lydia wants Chima out, and Chima wants Lydia out.

Kevin: "People are starting to stir shit up."
Jordan: "Do you think they're doing that so that people get pissed at Lydia & vote her out instead of Ronnie?"
Kevin: "Wow. Ya, that's definitely a possibility!"
Jordan: "Somethin' is going on (in the house)!"
Kevin: "I know! I totally feel it, too."

2:48pm BBT:
Workout Room

Jessie told Ronnie that he doesn't have the votes, and that he's scared Jeff or Jordan will get the 'Wizard' power & another one of 'Team Jessie' will be going home.

Ronnie said he overheard Russell telling Natalie that Ronnie is leaving this week.

Sidenote: Last night, Jessie took one of the workout bikes off of its stand. Apparantly Kevin rode it through the house lol (I didn't see it on any of the cams, though.)

3:00pm BBT:
Workout Room

Ronnie is teaching her how to try to get votes for him to stay. (Dude, you're goin' home. Give it up. lol He is persistent, I'll give him that much!)

Ronnie is now saying that Michele stole 'his' line ("I'm using the veto on..nobody.") Earlier, Natalie claimed that was HER line. ::shrugs::

"Well, we're still gonan try (to get you to stay)!"

Chima leaves & heads up to the HOH where Jessie is laying down listening to music. She scared him because he was starting to fall asleep & had the headphones on. They're talking about the Natalie/Jessie love drama crap.

3:22pm BBT:
Chima/Jessie still playing the "I can't stand [enter a HG's name here]!" game.

**Alright guys & dolls, a gal's gotta eat! ;-) Gonna go make dinner for the hubby & I. I'll be back with a new 'afternoon' post!

Stay tuned...

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